How To Track Internet Business Article With Google Analytics

How To Track Internet Business Article With Google Analytics

The internet business tracking is, what brings the efficiency. By tracking the different channels a marketer has an opportunity to segment the marketing. And what is even more important, he can ponder, why a certain content brings so much more page visitors and why certain article has a high or low conversion figure. To put it simple, the tracking makes the marketing more effective. This article handles the article tracking of those articles, which are subdomains of your main site.

1. How To Track An Individual Article?

You can go to your Google Analytics account and click View Reports after which you can pick the time period from the calender. Then you click All Reports, Content Optimization, Content Performance and finally Content by Title.

This view lists 10 most viewed articles on your site. Unique Views tracks the number of visits during which this page was viewed. Pageview tells the number of times this particular page was viewed. Note, that if the article is under your domain as a subdomain, there is no need that the link is on your site, if you do not want it.

2. Even The Keyword Tracking Is Possible.

You must be interested about how the chosen keywords work, how they bring visitors. This is simple. Click the up arrow close to an article and surf to Cross Segment Reporting, Keyword. Note that No Data shows, how many visits came from the referral links.

3. How The Figures Develop Over Time?

When you run Analytics for a longer time, you get useful information, how the different articles and keywords behave during a longer period of time. And, what is important, should you support some effective articles by link building?

4. Analytics Graphics Gives Stats Visually From The Same Place.

Analytics is a data bank, which gives a lot of useful information, but requires, that the user has done his or her homework. One of the good feature is, that the tracking results are given also visually, which helps the busy marketers.

5. Towards Better Conversions And Sales!

I just dont believe in accidents and secrets. The success is never a result of some secret or good luck but a result, which comes from a proper research and analyzis. It is vital for an internet business marketer to know, where the visitors come and how they behave on the site.

This gives useful information, how to segment the visitors and how to talk to them. Speaking about the internet business articles, the key is the content, especially the title. When a marketer can compare the visitor amounts and conversion rates, he can analyze, why some titles work so much better. According to my own experience this is quite easy.

Google Analytics is not the easiest site to navigate, but fortunately the Internet offers so much guidance, that even I could do my homework. It is one of the best or maybe the best tool to track many marketing operations.

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