HTC Dream Review & Features


HTC Dream Review & Features

Are you a Google fan and all of its web applications? If so, you will be sure to love the HTC Dream smartphone with its initial introduction in October of 2008. This is also the first phone to include Google’s open operating system, Android. This smartphone has access to all Google internet services including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Search and Youtube.

How about experiencing Google Maps Street View on your HTC at anytime? Well now you can virtually visit any city around the world that supports Google Street View in a full 360 degree panorama view. All this is possible by the smartphones link to the extremely fast 3.5G network which delivers unbelievably high data transfer rates and now accompanied with Wi-Fi and hotspot accessibility, users will never be without internet on their mobile devices ever again.

Access to the Android Market offers HTC owners a host of accessible applications, music, media and entertainment all with a single push of a button. There’s even more, this smartphone comes host with a digital compass for your navigation needs and a motion sensor. The HTC Dream also features a 3.2-megapixel color camera with auto-focus for high-quality photos.

The HTC display is nothing but impressive, sporting a 3.2 inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 320×480 HVGA resolution. Beneath the display screen is the HTC QWERTY keyboard and navigation buttons which slide out to give users full access to all their typing needs. You can personalize your main screen with immediate notification when receiving email, instant messaging and text messaging.

With the HTC Dream you will never run out of storage space as this unit is compatible to hold SD 2.0 compatible cards as well as micro SD cards which can hold 16GB of space and higher. The smartphone comes built in with 256 Megs of flash ROM and’2 Megs of RAM.

The Dream fits itself with a full functioning GPS, now you can rely on your smartphone to find directions to any location you need to get to with the help of Google Maps. For media buffs the HTC has video file support for .264, 3GPP, 3GP, MPEG4, and video streaming.

In terms of battery life, the Dream has a talk time of up to 350 and 406 minutes for WCDMA and GSM respectively, while standby time goes up to 319 hours for GSM and 402 hours for WCDMA.

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