Important features to get with spy application


Important features to get with spy application

There are many features that you will enjoy when you start to use the Text Spy.
Live call listening: you can listen to the calls as they are being made on the targeted phone. You may receive an alert for the secret SMS and when the call is being made on the targeted mobile, you will be added on a live call.
Live call recording: the Text Spy app can also record the conversation on the phone with the hidden sounds file. You can choose some phone numbers so that they can be recorded in automatic way. The recorded conversation can be accessed online so that the user can access to them at a late time.
The test spy android app can spy also on other IM medium such as iMessage, Snapchat, Yahoo Messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, Viber, Line, Skype, PIN, BBM, WhatsApp and Facebook. You can get access to all messages which include the emoticons, locations, pictures, profiles, status and stickers.
Ambient listening: the sms spy can let you to listen on everything that may be taking place around a device that you have targeted. You only have to make a hidden call towards the targeted phones so that you may listen to the surroundings of the phone such as the bugging devices. Few spy apps can support this feature. The same features can also allow to record the ambient information on the device using its microphone and to record the phone surrounding by uploading it to the web account. With this option, you can listen to the records at a late time.
Track the messages: the sms spy app helps the user to read outgoing and incoming message content for the SMS. You can get the message as far as the owner of the phone gets it and you can still read the message even when the user choose to delete it.
Multimedia files: with the sms spy Android app, you can get access to the photos that have been taken from a targeted device on the web account. You can check the video files, audio files and camera images of the phone. The app can also help you to track down the GPS position in order to coordinate where the phone is found. You can link the map in the web account and it can be displayed within few minutes.
A facebook spy tracks the message and it sends them to web account even when the user has deleted them. When the email address is within the phone address, the contact name will also be sent to the web account. The skype spy may also have some additional features such as Password Grabber, Spy on the VoIP apps and Alert Wizard. Other features that you may have to consider are security, undetectable, device change, call history and remote control.

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