Internet An Amazing Creation


Internet An Amazing Creation

In this computer age, this is the century where everybody is hook on computer especially on internet, in this medium we can communicate whether the person is on the other side of the world that is so amazing, maybe more young people right now are all know how to use this incredible creation of mankind. But most of our parents especially the one who live in their 50’s are not use to it example my mother , she feels annoyed if she saw us using the computer well I guess in this past face of life most of them cannot cope the new method of communication.

Internet is the most special creation we have as of now, actually its improvement is really dynamic, each month there is new software introduce in the market. Here we can have friends not only within the country but also through different places and time zone. We can read more information in the bogs, this is one of the most inn today aside from social networks such friendster, face book and a lot more. Blogs are one of my favorite here, not only information you can read but also what’s in the mind of the author, they will give opinion; ask your opinion as well. And through this different notion are delivered. It also used for advertising which is very effective. In social network one of the biggest name in Asia is friendster I know a lot of social network but here friendster is the most common used. Here you can find your friends outside the country and can locate friends that almost a decade you have no communication, but trough this you can all reminisce the old days, and also it can accumulate friends even from other race, because people really want to know different kinds of culture and practices.

Another thing I like most in the internet is Youtube here you can upload your videos and also you can watch videos uploaded from other users, other are educational, funny and sometimes they upload scandals. You name it they have it there, and sometimes this is a use for audition or it can discover talents. There are also website here that you can use for chat like Skype, Yahoo messenger, MSN etc, here you can talk through the use of headset and mic and also you can also meet the person you are talking by using the webcam.

Another use of internet, you can also download songs even it is new and you can watch movies here, I know it is illegal but I don’t how they can do it. It is really amazing. In forums, here you can get in touch with people with the same hobbies and wants. They also exchange opinions and some are also using this for making money online. And also internet is the window of so many opportunities here you can also earn money decently, if you have a talent skill and guts. You can apply to so many jobs online. If you will only explore the internet even you are not involved outside by this medium you can be aware smart and become intelligent.

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