Is Google+ Brands Your Tactics To Make Money At Home In 2012


Is Google+ Brands Your Tactics To Make Money At Home In 2012

The branding will be even more important in 2012 among the strong ways to make money at home. And it does not matter in which channels you are operating. Because the rising channels, like Google+, will get an extra interest, it is wise to get ready for the opportunities.

If you still think, that one solution for all is the strategy for all social mediums, you are simply wrong. The different social mediums have their own profiles and features, which also makes the user profiles different. The same strategy does not fit to all social mediums. Your brand needs a concrete Google+ strategy, which uses the strengths of Google+ and your own brand.

1. Are Your Key Brand Influencers Already At Google+ Brands?

Meaning, is the core target audience of your brand joined to Google+ Brands? If they are there, you can start, but if they are not, it is a waste of time and energy to try to speak to people, who are somewhere else. A good sign is, that enough people have joined your circles. However, you have to understand, that Google+ Brands is in the launch phase and the numbers are slow for a while.

2. You Must Build Google+ Brands Strategy.

This is a natural demand. If the site is different from all others and it has a different target audience, who speaks differently, the only chance is to create a unique strategy for it. You must find the answers, how to speak to them. Is your action paid ad, promotion, post, contest or update?

What is the role of Google+ Brands in the group of all social mediums. How do the users differ from Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin users, for example? What are these people looking from Google? What benefits they are searching? As you see, these are typical strategy questions, but you have to make the Google+ Brands homework.

3. You Have To Use Google+ To Be Able To Understand The Atmosphere.

Every single social media is its own. They have their own way to talk and this style is important to understand to make the impression, that you really master this medium. The only way to get the right feeling is to use Google+. What is also important is to know the details of the medium, I mean the technical ones.

4. Should You Measure Clicks, Fan Amount, Comments Or Shares?

I mean, how you feel comfortable with your results? What numbers must reach the targets and make you feel happy and successful? You must measure the things, which you set as targets. The pure participation is not a target, it is an entertainment.

5. You Need A Content Rollout Plan.

When Google opens the gates a lot of brands will flood into. This can form a problem, because the amount of brands can be enormous, which leads to an information overflow to the members and this can turn to your bad will.

You just have to plan, how the brands will bombard your members. It is wise to start slowly and to follow the reactions from the receivers. You will also need a launch campaign for your new social medium. Use other social mediums for this, like Facebook and Twitter.

Nobody can say exactly, what will be the position of Google+ Brands. But we can forecast that Google will put a lot of efforts behind the launch and that will guarantee a massive press coverage.

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