Is Google + important for your business?


Is Google + important for your business?

Since the launch of the new social media Google +, there has been talk that the new platform is the way to go for individuals and businesses since it is created by the largest search engine Google. The makers of Google + have stated as a rule that their social media will not be utilized the way Facebook and Twitter have been used. They want to ensure separation of Google + between individual accounts to business accounts.

Because Google+ is very strict about separation of the social media, if one wants to utilize it for business purposes then they have to be very smart about it. Google + is still on a limited and trial basis so a business can start by having the CEO of the company set up a profile and discuss what they do. It is best for a firm to decide as soon as possible who will represent the company on Google+ as joining is by invitation only.

The fact that Google+ has reached its capacity during the trial period only makes it more appealing for users and this will make it bigger than the current social sites. Once a chosen person of a firm joins the social media, they can name their brand and discuss how it benefits other people. If others like that they read, they can follow the individual and see what their brand image will take on next. The reason Google+ wants to have two platforms under its umbrella; one for business and another for personal accounts are because business accounts can be boring and they don’t get many followers to them except by employees of the company.

Google+ works differently than the other two social media sites, it enables the original poster of content get credit for their work unlike Facebook which re-shares without showing the original poster. If the owner of a business talks about a certain perfume and how good it is and people like and repost on their walls, then the owner is still seen as the creator and people are likely to follow them for more information.

It is not enough to just have a Google + account. A business can profit by adding the Google+ widget to their website that is similar to the ones used by the other social media sites. This can be achieved by logging on to Google+ and copying the profile ID badge displayed. Then it is pasted and Voila! The link drives traffic to the businesses website.

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