Is It Possible For Facebook To Outgrow Google One Day?


Is It Possible For Facebook To Outgrow Google One Day?

Have you noticed that stories about Facebook are everywhere on the news? People are getting more and more involved in social networking. Presently, Facebook isn’t bigger than Google, but it could be in the future. Facebook is now the second largest web site on the internet, according to Alexa tracks web sites based on the average number of daily visitors in combination with the average daily page views.

Some people speculate that Facebook may outgrow Google, but it is unclear if this will happen since so many factors are involved. What is apparent is that the number of people visiting Facebook has grown steadily over the past few months.

When you consult Alexa you will see a continual increase in the daily audience for Facebook, while Google’s daily visitation tends to fluctuate between 40 to 44% of internet users.

Within the past few months the visitors to Facebook have remained constant, leading one to believe that if this trend continues there will be more internet users visiting Facebook than Google daily.

If you’re wondering which site is larger in length of time spent on the site, it’s Facebook. Facebook users spend an average of 31 to 33 minutes each day on the site. Studies have shown that people who use Google spend about 10-14 minutes each day on the site.

This is not that unexpected considering the purpose of each of these web sites. People don’t usually spend much time on a search engine, they just use it to find what they need and go.

Social media sites like Facebook are different. They have special features that are interactive. People can talk to their friends, post blogs and pictures and connect with new people. Some people just stop by to check their messages, while others spend hours on Facebook each day.

For now, Google remains the top dog on the internet but that may change in the future. In time we’ll know if people prefer what Facebook has to offer over the search engine giant.

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