Latest Developments in iPhone Apps

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Latest Developments in iPhone Apps

Real software development for the iPhone may slacken, but iPhone apps keep it tight. Consider that there are 50,000 new iPhone apps born every month. You really can’t keep up on them all. Some reinvent your everyday world. Others are cheap rip offs barely worthy of their iPhone name. Here are a few iPhone apps that are worth raving about.

Pageonce Personal Assistant – Have difficulty keeping up on all your accounts? Need to check stats and finances far away from your desktop? This iPhone app keeps all your account information on the same page. You get absolute access to all your online accounts, from investments to banking to your frequent flyer miles. Instead of juggling a dozen or so sites, the Pageonce Personal Assistant does it all with one application for easy convenience.

Fring – This is really the only instant messaging tool you need. Enough said. It includes Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Twitter,Skype, MSN, ICQ, plus VoIP calls over Wi-Fi if you’ve got low minutes or your hanging out in a bar or coffee shop. There are many iPhone apps devoted to a particular IM site, but this one lets you use all of them at once. It’s universal.

Routesy – You can’t live in the big city without this baby in your pocket. It’s a great way to keep up on train and bus schedules, as well as tell you what to take to get where you need to be. It works even better than the computer, simple and quick. Get the information you need with this smart but efficient iPhone app.

VNC Lite – Want to turn your cell phone into your computer? VNC Lite allows you to view and fully control your computer from your cell phone, providing you are on the same network. If you thought that laptops as thin as children’s storybook was as it could get, this beauty puts your desktop in the palm of your hand to make it even better. Some iPhone apps let you connect to your computer. This app practically is your computer.

Bloom – This app takes Brian Eno’s generative ambient music and recreates the experience. Drop your finger on the liquid pastel screen to make simple loops. Create your own music and then add your own transcendental graphics. It’s perfect if your fingers want to dance. This is one of the few creative iPhone apps that let you be imaginative too.

Henry Rinkle lives and breathes the iPhone. Read his blogs to discover the best iPhone apps for you.
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