Learning Spanish: How to Master the Spanish Language Online


Learning Spanish: How to Master the Spanish Language Online

Learning Spanish is a big task, but there are more tools to accomplish this goal today than ever before. Most of these tools come courtesy of the Internet. Of course, the problem with the Internet is that it can sometimes be difficult to find the information you’re looking for. This article is going to point you in the right direction by giving you 5 great ways you can learn Spanish online.

1. Google

Yes, that Google. Specifically, I am talking about Google translate, which is a free service that will translate words, phrases, or whole pages of text form any language into Spanish. How can you use this feature? Well, think about it. What do most Spanish courses and software programs focus on? Yep, you guessed it-vocabulary. So, just type in the words you want to learn, in your native language, and get the translation instantly. You can then either memorize the word on the spot or make a list and save them for later.

2. Video Sites

The largest one of these, of course, is You Tube, but there are plenty of others, like Vimeo, Metacafe, and Break. On these sites you’ll find tons of videos you can use to learn Spanish. If you are at an intermediate level or higher, you can take advantage of the many TV shows and sporting events posted online. If you’ve just begun to learn Spanish, I suggest that you start with instructional videos, of which there are many, covering everything form pronunciation to sentence structure to verb conjugation.

3. Instant Messengers and Online Phones

I’m sure you’re familiar with these; I’m talking about Instant Messengers like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, and a host of others. In regards to online phones, I’m referring to software programs like Skype that let you videoconference over the Internet for free. How can you use these programs to learn Spanish? It’s easy. Just find a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn English, or whatever your native language is. Then you help him or her with their English pronunciation, and he or she helps you with your Spanish pronunciation.

4. Online Courses

Online Spanish learning courses have improved much in the last few years. So much so, in fact, that I prefer them to traditional classroom-based courses. They are very cost-effective. They are very convenient, and they are very effective. In addition, they provide lots of online learning games and activities that you just don’t get in a classroom.

5. Online Spanish Learning Forums

Spanish learning forums are a great source of information for anyone interested in learning the language. After signing up, you’ll meet lots of interesting, like-minded people, and you’ll find lots of valuable learning resources and language learning partners. You can also improve your own Spanish speaking skills by teaching others what you know.

You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you if you plan to master Spanish. Fortunately, the Internet provides much of what you need. Use the many valuable tools available to you online and your language learning experience will be fun, interesting and successful.

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