LG LX290 An Affordable Phone With Great Features


LG LX290 An Affordable Phone With Great Features

With the flood of advanced cell phones being released many people might be a bit intimidated when shopping for a new phone. Not everyone wants a top of the line phone with all the bells and whistles available. People these days still want simple and functional phones. There is a bad stigma with reasonably priced phones that they are terribly made and are completely useless. That is not true; as far as cheaper phones go Sprint has released the LG LX290. It is a reasonably priced phone that is sure to please anyone who cant afford an expensive smartphone.

The LG LX290 is a slide phone that is expertly designed. The slide function feels very sturdy and even gives a pleasing click noise each time the phone is slid open or closed. The phone is relatively small and is comfortable to hold. It also fits neatly into ones pocket. The phone has a small screen but the display is rather nice. Colors, images, and content will appear vibrant and detailed. When the slide compartment is slid up the user will have access to the alphanumeric keypad and four shortcut buttons. The buttons are very useful because they automatically take you to the four most used functions of any cell phone text messaging, e-mail, calendar, and the alarm clock menu.

This phone obviously doesn’t have any features that cant be found on more expensive phones, but it does come with a few additions that many may find surprising on such an affordable phone. Firstly a minimalist web browser. It also features a GPS system with turn by turn directions. This is usually found on higher end phones. The phone also features a USB port and is Bluetooth enabled. More notably are the e-mail and instant messaging functions. Many lower end phones skimp on the options but the LX290 allows you to access AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and Windows Live for instant messaging and AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail for e-mail access.

The phone really does lack a good camera. The LG LX290 features an underwhelming 1.3 megapixel camera. There are only three different resolutions and three different quality settings. There are also four color tones, five white balance presets, a brightness adjuster, and more. Despite all the options the picture quality is not note worthy. There is no video recording option on the LG LX290, which would be expected from this kind of cell phone.

However the phone features amazing call quality. Phone calls can be enjoyed with little to no interference from static or any outside force. Callers will sound very clear through the ear piece. Likewise you will sound equally clear to anyone on the other line. The speakerphone also produces very nice sounding audio during phone calls and is simple to use.

If you are one of the millions of people who feel as if phones have gotten out of control with their capabilities the LX290 would make a good phone for you. It excels at delivering the basic phone functions as well as giving users extra useful features such as GPS, email, and instant messaging.

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