LG Neon: A Sleek Phone For Everyone

LG Neon: A Sleek Phone For Everyone

While top of the line smartphones may be dominating the market there is still a place for lesser equipped cell phones. Realistically everybody wont need or ever use every feature found on the iPhone or even a BlackBerry. These people need a functional cell phone at an affordable price. One such phone is the LG Neon. It is a simple phone with additional functions that is sure to please the regular consumer intimidated by the price and features of the iPhone.

Firstly the LG Neon is a good looking phone. It has a very smooth and modern design. The phone has rounded edges and no hard lines, which also make the phone very comfortable to hold in ones hand. The Neon is also very light. With its light weight and sleek design the phone fits neatly in ones pocket and doesnt feel incredibly bulky or heavy. Most noticeably the phone features a touch screen. Oddly enough though its only usage is only for dialing numbers. One would expect the touch screen to perform more tasks but anyone looking for such features will be disappointed. The full QWERTY keyboard is found underneath the slide compartment. The keyboard is not cramped at all and is very comfortable to use. One will be able to easily thumb messages. The LG Neon is also able to sync up with many messaging and email services such as AIM, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, and even Windows Live Messenger.

The LG Neon is also a camera phone as well. It offers many image capturing and photo controls. Despite featuring five white balance presets, three quality settings, a 4x zoom, self timer, and five color effects the phone is absent a flash. Be wary of taking photos in dark areas. The quality of the video recorded by the Neon is decent. It can appear grainy and the colors will be slightly muted. The LG Neon doesnt allow the videos to be very long, but anyone with a MicroSD card will be able to record longer videos.

Downloading songs and games on the LG Neon will take quite a while. Without any notable 3G or Wi-Fi support downloading content is a chore. Downloading a 1MB song took about 12 minutes. Also web browsing was very sluggish. Web pages took a while to load especially pages which were content heavy.

The call quality presented by the LG Neon is above average. The microphone on the Neon does an amazing job at isolating ones voice and not picking up any background noise, even in loud noise traffic areas. The speakerphone does not work as well though. Callers and even music played over it will sound very low.

If you are looking for an affordable phone with a small list of great features then the LG Neon is the perfect phone for you. It is a nice looking phone with a simple array of great features.

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