Lively by Google? No More :(

Once Upon a Time when Chat with Google`s Lively

Lively wasn’t exactly an online game, but it wasn’t that far off. You would have created your own character (avatar) and you could even designed your own personal space. From there, you simply choose where to want to go. Maybe you’d like to virtually visit a quiet cabin in the woods, a mountainside retreat, or a quaint coffeehouse in Vienna. Lively, in its way, offers these treats. All you had to do is point and click.

Lively GoodbyeLively was available through a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer. It was only for Windows PCs. Lively didn’t feature one coherent world like Second Life but splits worlds up into different rooms. Lively was originally developed as a 20% project by Niniane Wang.

Users could choose from a number of preset animations for their characters, ranging from shaking hands with others, to applauding, crying, etc. By double clicking on certain items in the virtual world, users could also often activated some preset animations such as sitting down on a chair or jumping off a dive board.

In past, the content in Lively was being created only by Google, though over time, they were planning to allow users to start creating their own content as well.

Rooms could be easily embedded into any webpage and worlds often launch with a basic skeleton of the room within just a few seconds.

Lively was a network of avatars and virtual rooms created and decorated by its users. It was officially launched by Google on July 8, 2008 as an experiment in providing people with more ways to express themselves on the Web.

Lively’s users created thousands of cafes, bars, discos, tropical islands, treehouses, space stations, galleries, bedrooms and more. Lively’s users shared their rooms with people from all over the real world, meeting and chatting with each other via their customized avatars.

The experiment ended December 31, 2008. 🙁

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