Managing Adwords – Hints To Selecting Keywords


Managing Adwords – Hints To Selecting Keywords

You will captivate and draw in your customer when you engage in the conversation going on right now inside her head. You can accomplish this with Google, and receive more clicks also by skillful use of the keywords for your ad. Attract more customers by bidding on more keywords – this is a fundamental rule for managing AdWords.

The one thing that you can do that will draw clients to you is to show them that you know just what they like. This is like joining a conversation in his head, telling him what his day was like, what it is like to be him. When you flow right into his mind and talk his talk and walk his walk, showing him you know what things are important to him. When he sees this that is when he will listen to you.

The keywords people use come from those conversations in their minds that they are having. If your ad repeats to them the things that they are thinking, then you will spark their interests. By having keywords in the headline and in the body and the URL of your ad, you are using good strong advertising strategies.

If you have keywords showing up more places in your ads, you have a bigger chance of getting more clicks. Look for it in your headline. Look for it in the body of the ad and you should look for it in the display URL. Say someone is searching for “German” or “Learn German”, how many times are they going to find their keywords in this ad:

Want to Learn German?

5 Crucial Principles You Must Know To Master German, and Fast

If effective AdWords Management means speaking directly to what people are searching on and repeating it back at them, how do you go about finding out what people are searching on in the first place? Where do you go to get the good keywords, especially the keywords that are worth the most money?

The best place to start is on Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool, a free service available at: You can get an immediate idea of the value of your keywords and their value in relation to each other.

458,579 learn german

103,157 german shepherd

85,210 german

22,970 german dictionary

16,990 german english dictionary

16,294 german translation

15,992 german shepherd dog

14,409 german translator

13,037 german shepherd puppy

11,646 english german dictionary

10,187 german to english

9,810 german to english translation

9,800 german short hair pointer

One look at this list and it’s obvious where the traffic and money will be. It’s also obvious that you’ve got keywords here that don’t belong.

Without it costing you a penny you now have a clear list of the negative keywords for your list. Negative keywords are keywords you specify that you do not want you ad to show on when people use them in a search. You put them into your keyword list with a negative in front. Like this:










When someone uses this word for a search, your ads will not show.

So how much will these keywords actually cost to bid on? To get your answer, head over to the Yahoo Resource Center, which you can find at, and click to see the “Bids Tool.” When you enter “learn German” in the pop-up search box, Overture gives you a list of the prices advertisers are paying to promote their products on Yahoo sites. They start at $ 0.47 and bottom out at $ 0.05.

Now this isn’t Google we are talking about, it’s Overture. When this article was written, Yahoo was organizing its search pages by bid only. Google on the other had gives preference to those ads that have good click-through rate. The competition and nature of the traffic are different between Google and Overture.

Not to worry though. This tool is only an initial indicator of what kind of business advertisers are getting from their clicks on Yahoo. This example says advertisers wouldn’t pay more than forty-seven cents for a click for “learn German”. This is an indicator. Contrast that with “home mortgage” where bids top off at $ 4 and you can see how lucrative, or not, “learn German” is.

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