MorphVOX Is Not Only For Online Gaming

MorphVOX Is Not Only For Online Gaming

Voice changing software is maybe the world’s most experience voice changing software currently. This software can help you to change your own voice to the voice of any of the scores of present voices in their list. That means, you can morph your voice to sound like that of a woman or a child, you can actually make your voice like that a robot or a paladin or a small dwarf. You can make your voice become like a Dark Lord or like a nubile female or even like a precocious kid the possibilities are endless. Population are using this software in great measure to enhance their online experiences.

The general conception about voice changing software is that it can be used only for gaming purposes. Though, this is not true. Voice changing software has today revolutionized the multiplayer gaming world with its great character, no doubt, but that is not all there is to it. There are many more areas where this amazing voice morphing tool is being put to use.

Chatting is one such area. People are using this tool to give a characteristic voice to their chat avatars, so that their avatars have the voice they look like. This is fun no doubt, but it is also making each avatar unusual, thus completing the online identity of the chatter. Then there are different sound quality like arrow sounds and drum rolls which can be used to get a message across the chat window more effectively. The software has already become compatible with most chat messengers. You can use this on chat programs such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, MSN Messenger, Ventrilo, Skype, TeamSpeak and Xfire unless any problems.

An increasing use of voice changing is also being made in enhancing multimedia presentations. People who are making presentations for their schools or colleges can now use this software to provide many different kinds of voice overs. This makes the offer fun and colorful, and also provides it with a bit of a professional touch.

On a more professional note, some audio studios are using morph vox to cut down on their pay. They can use a single person to record many different kinds of voices with this software. Also, some voices can be made and stored in the voice stock, which can be reused later on. This becomes very economical for smalltime animation film makers. Even in schools where educational programs are broadcast to the students, voice changing software can be used to make the happening sound completely enriched.

From simple gaming applications to sophisticated studio recording, voice changing software has come a long way in a short time. But this software is one of these developments which are developed first and find uses later. Even with this software, more and more uses are being found out, making it much more increased in value than it was when it was first developed.

Sean has recently purchased MorphVOX. One of his favorite pastimes now is to check out how MorphVOX works and using it for different voice-related purposes. He has written some comments about this software. You can check them out at his own website below:
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