Most Wanted Apps For Mobile Phone


Most Wanted Apps For Mobile Phone

Mobile phones that are powered by operating systems like Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, etc allow the user to install their favourite applications on the phone. On the web you can find plenty of websites that lets download your favourite mobile phone application.

Here are some of the most wanted applications for mobile phone:

1. Web browser
Most mobile phones come with standard web browser. However, installing a third party web browser such as Opera Mobile can give you the best browsing experience. It lets you zoom into any area of the page; you can download web pages on to your phone, make use of speed dial feature to access frequently accessed websites, add bookmarks, and loads the pages very quickly.

2. Chatting application
There are plenty of chatting applications such as fring, NimBuzz, Slick, etc that lets you access all your favourite instant messengers like Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Window Live, AIM, and famous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Such chatting applications can be used to stay in touch with your buddies wherever you go.

3. Anti-theft application
A mobile tracker or an anti-theft application such as SecureMe and WaveSecure can help you recover your phone in the event of loss. If there is a loss, the anti-theft application will automatically password protect the phone and will send the details about the location of the phone to a predefined number.

4. Antivirus
If you do not use your phone carefully, your phone can get be victim of a virus attack. Virus attack may cause you to format the phone and lose all the data. Hence, it is very important to install antivirus on your phone and update it regularly and also perform scans on regular basis.

5. Video converter (for using on computer)
These days leading mobile phone manufacturers are producing cell phones with bigger display screen such as Nokia XpressMusic, Sony XPERIA X2, Samsung Omnia HD 2, etc. You can easily view movies on such phones. All you need to do is download a free video conversion application such as Total Video Converter or Any Video Converter on your computer and convert the videos in the resolution size and file format that can be played on your phone.

6. Office document viewer
Applications such as Quick Office and Adobe Reader can let you view and edit office documents such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files on the go. This application is not available for free and you may install the train version of the application to check out the features of the phone.

7. YouTube application
A Flash enabled phone can be used to enjoy YouTube videos. If you have an unlimited data plan, you can watch online videos with ease.

8. Miscellaneous applications
Some of the other applications that should be installed on the phone includes dictionary, currency converter, SMS scheduler, music player with equalizer, etc.

Installing such applications will truly help you in using your phone like a portable computer. So, what are you waiting for? Start downloading these applications today and have a great time.

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