Motorola Defy+: More than your average phone


Motorola Defy+: More than your average phone

When you are at the beach and you want to take pictures or listen to music, you worry too much about protecting your mobile phone from getting wet. Motorola Mobility, Inc. understands your need for a phone that could withstand all that the world throws at it. So the answer – the Motorola Defy+ smartphone.

Making the idea of waterproof an understatement, Motorola Defy+ can sink into water and still work perfectly fine. It is designed to be waterproof, scratch-resistant and dustproof. Motorola Defy+ is the super-sealed version of Defy, which contains a faster processor (1GHz instead of 800MHz), a longer lasting battery at 1540mAh to 1700mAh and the addition of Android Gingerbread 2.3.

It basically has the same features as Defy plus more. The Defy+ has a 5 megapixel camera with flash, an expandable memory from 2GB and a microSD card slot. It prides itself from being IP67 certified so it is hermetically sealed against dust and sand. Motorola Defy+ can be immersed 3 feet into water and still work.

Having fun isn’t as risky anymore. Remember the time when you lost countless phones by your late-night drunk bathroom breaks? Defy+ makes it a part of your unpleasant past. Moreover, it doesn’t look like a rubbery waterproof toy. All of a sudden, you will find yourself wanting to go diving with it. Motorola Defy+ is way tougher than the average waterproof phone available in the market today.

Because this smartphone is Android-based, it is slim and easily pocketed. It is made from Corning Gorilla Glass and has an outstanding resistance to impact and scratches. Motorola Defy+ is equipped with a big and strong screen. It has CrystalTalk PLUS that reduces noise when you are on the phone with someone. In addition, it has two microphones that intelligently filters background noise and strengthens your voice while on the phone, making it more convenient for you to talk without shouting.

Motorola Defy+ offers you the privilege of having multiple networks. Its power is outstanding at approximately 6.8 hours of talk time and approximately 9.9 days in standby. You don’t have to worry about sending emails to friends because it has Corporate Sync, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and POP3/IMAP. Multimedia messaging, text messaging and instant messaging through Google Talk is also available.

Calling features include speakerphone, advanced speech recognition, automatic answer, call timer, call transfer, call waiting, emergency dial, mute call, noise reduction, vibracall, voice dialing, as well as wait and pause dialing. Google services such as Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation, Google Talk, Google Mail and Youtube are also included. Pre-installed entertainment applications include 7 Digital for your music, Zinio (eMagazines), Cardio Trainer and Soundhound. Photo sharing through Last FM is also possible for this Motorola Mobility innovation.

Defy+ is available in graphite gray with weight of 118 grams, a 480 x 854 WVGA touchscreen and size of 107 x 59 x 13.4 mm. Its Motoblur feature even lets you have a customizable home screen.

Motorola Defy+ was first made available in Germany for 269 Euros or around $ 389, without contract. It will be introduced in other European countries, Asia, and Latin America soon.

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