Notable Features and Essential Accessories of the LG Ally


Notable Features and Essential Accessories of the LG Ally

The usage of many applications seems to be one of the main aspects of the LG Ally. The phone’s operating system gives direct access to applications such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Search, Google Maps with Google Maps Navigation, and YouTube. For the social network inclined, the LG Ally synchronizes Facebook and Twitter to your Google Accounts, effectively integrating your social network with your e-mail account. And speaking of e-mail, the LG Ally is capable of operating multiple email accounts, including business e-mail with Microsoft Exchange Server. And for document viewing and editing, the LG Ally comes loaded with Microsoft QuickOffice. Lastly, the LG Ally comes with the usual “Smart Phone” apps, such as text messaging, image messaging, visual voice mail, speech-to-text recognition, voice commands, Wi-Fi, GPS Services, and Bluetooth connections.

It is able to run media files just as advertised, with minimal variations from most other smart phones. The music player allows for playlists, repeated, and shuffle. With 16GB of removable storage, all of your music and movies can easily fit on this incarnation of the Android phone, and with direct access to the Amazon MP3 Store, it can easily double as a portable music player. The 3.2 megapixel camera, while not providing the stellar image quality of some cameras, has a host of options to make even the quickest snapshot come out nicely. A cool feature is that it can also record video and play it back too.

As a phone, it operates as one would expect any Android phone on the Verizon Network to operate. Call volume is well balanced and calls are crystal clear. Because it runs on the 3G network, callers will have less calls dropped.

The accessories are also where this phone shines, various accessories available online or at any Verizon Store. The battery is rated at an average talk life of 7 hours and a standby life of almost 21 hours. Additional batteries, and battery chargers, can extend talk time considerably. The batteries charge quickly, making the wait for using the LG Ally again minimal. To protect the phone, there are screen protectors and cases (both rubberized and plastic) available, and to carry the phone around, LG offers several holsters.

Perhaps one of the best features about the phone is the price. With a reasonable price of $ 99 with a two year contract, this device is not a bad choice for those seeking a first time smart phone. While time will tell if it can live up to that expectation, there is no doubt that the Ally has already made in impact.

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