Pay Per Click Marketing: Why You Don’t Want Your Google Ads to be in First Place

Pay Per Click Marketing: Why You Don’t Want Your Google Ads to be in First Place

With all of the talk about getting to the top of the search engines and being ranked number 1, it is assumed that you would only want the same for your AdWords campaign, right?

It seems logical that you would want your ad to appear each and every time the keywords are searched for, but I will tell you why you don’t want to be the leader with AdWords.

Pay Per Click Marketing Advice: Why You Don’t Want to Be First

Unless you have an unlimited budget, it doesn’t matter who clicks on your ads. But for most, it makes a difference, so first place is not where you want to be. This applies to second and third place as well. Why?

The normal internet user will click the first and second spots just because that’s what comes up first. You want to be in a place where the visitor has already determined this is the right keyword and they are looking for something specific, like your product or service.

Some say that as long as you are on the first page you’re okay. But let’s face it, after the 10th spot, people normally click off the page or go down to the bottom and click on page two just to see what’s there. And, they certainly aren’t paying much attention to the ads on the page by that time. Most are just randomly searching at this point.

Hence the lesson here is that if you want to reach a more targeted group of prospects, you want to be listed in third place, or even lower — on down to fifth or sixth place. This weeds out the curiosity seekers, but still gets seen by those who are more focused (and interested in purchasing) in their searches.

Pay Per Click Marketing Wisdom: Why You Don’t Have to Compete As Much

There is this mindset that you have to compete with the high rollers for the big keywords. But bear in mind that there are other options; there is an alternate mindset.

There are millions of keywords being searched every day. If your niche is internet marketing of course, the keyword phrase “internet marketing” is going to be costly. However, if you think of other words perhaps even more closely related to your niche, you can come up with some reasonably priced keywords that you don’t have to compete for and still have your ads shown frequently.

Take the time to test and tweak your campaigns and make adjustments when necessary. This can save you time, money and perhaps even more importantly — some sleepless nights worrying about your PPC ad campaign.

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