Pen Drives and the Amazing Apps You Can Get


Pen Drives and the Amazing Apps You Can Get

For those of you that carry around a pen drive, you might be interested to know about the applications you can get for it. As if it wasn’t handy enough just to have a pen drive, but you can also make it extra convenient with tools that can make your life easier.

TrueCrypt, is an application you can put on your pen drive that will encrypt it and protect the information you have on it, when you are using it on various computers.

To DoList, is a great application that is a TAK management tool that gives you the option of repeatedly sub divide tasks into more comfortable and manageable pieces. This is compatible for Windows only.

Portable Firefox is a handy tool that will erase personal information when you use your computer elsewhere. This is great for someone who wants to do banking or check their email on say a library computer but wants the added security of knowing it cannot be traced.

Pidgin portable is an all in one instant messaging system that supports, AIM, ICQ, MSN messenger, yahoo and GChat.

Color Cop, is a favourite for many pen drive users. It allows you to click and drag the eye dropper anywhere on the screen to select a new color. Single pixel sample options are available. It is also cool because for every color you choose, a color palate comes up with 42 corresponding colors available.

FileZilla, is a portable system that gives the ability to take your server list and settings with you on the go. Then it keeps your information private and erases any memory of it on another computer. You can put it on many gadgets including the pen drive.

NotePad2 is a fast and light weight notebook style text editor that lets you do things like; syntax highlighting and syntax folding and is available in many languages.

GIMP is a popular application that gives you the ability to open the same image editor package as a portable application and it is very robust.

Portable APPS Suite allows you to include Firefox, thunderbird, sunbird, clamwin and pidgin, Sumatra and gives you a few games to play.

Restoration is a program that gives you the freedom to recover lost or deleted files even if they were deleted from the recycle bin.

RockXP, with this application you can change keys, recover passwords, and keys lost, you can display system password, and save info.

With these cool applications, you can really take your pen drive to a new level. It is function able to have a drive like this that can handle so many different applications and be flexible to the needs you may have.

There is virtually an application that can serve any purpose that you may have as you embark on your work or personal day. And if you can’t find an application that you are looking for, you can be sure that someone will create one shortly and put it out there for pen drive users.

New applications are becoming available everyday it seems, so try and be patient as you search to achieve all of the desired apps that you want. You can download these applications right from their source; some of them are free while you have to pay for others. RockXP has said that their application might look like a virus to some systems where high tech security measures are being used. For everything else it is smooth sailing as you enjoy your computer time.

You can have access to articles about pen drive in Portuguese language from page Pen_Drive Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil
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