Pinning The New T-Mobile G2 Against The Apple IPhone 4


Pinning The New T-Mobile G2 Against The Apple IPhone 4

With the recent launch of T-Mobile’s G2, it’s interesting to see how it fares with the iPhone 4. The G2 is one of the top additions to the Android family and iPhone 4 is the best iPhone since the initial launch. You could get G2 from T-Mobile for $ 200 and a two year contract and iPhone for the same amount with a 2 year AT&T contract. But, T-Mobile states that G2 is specially designed to handle high speed network and is specially enabled for HSPA+. It also has the awesome QWERTY keyboard which makes typing in text easy. Since the iPhone 4 has neither of these features, is it fair to conclude that the G2 is better?

The T-Mobile G2 runs on Android 2.2 and has all the standard android phone features such as high resolution touch screen, 5MP camera, LED camera flash, HD 720p video, auto rotating screen which rotates images for portrait or landscape viewing, 4GB on board storage and option for expandable storage with an 8GB memory card included. The 1300 mAh battery provides up to eight hours of talk-time and much longer stand-by time. There is flash support (which comes with Android 2.2). It of course has Bluetooth connectivity and all those Google widgets which allow you one click access to Google search, Google maps, Google navigation etc. You also can get YouTube, Google Talk and gmail. And of course you can control your phone with your voice with Voice Actions from Google. The G2 also has Wi-Fi.

About iPhone 4. Well, it also has the 5MP camera, flash, HD video ability like the G2. The screen resolution at 640 x 960 pixels is more than G2’s 480×800 pixels. The processor clock speed is 1GHz which is better than G2’s 800 MHz. And iPhone 4 has a new featured called FaceTime enabling two people to talk to each with a real time camera feed. One considerable downside is that the iPhone 4’s screen is smaller than the G2 and it’s not flash enabled. It does not have one touch access to Google and all those cool Google widgets. Though it has 16 GB (and 32 GB in the costlier model) on board storage, it does not have an expandable memory slot. Its battery lasts only 7 hours. And it does not have the QWERTY keyboard.

The T-Mobile G2 has HSPA+ chip inside and can handle T- Mobile’s 14.2 Mbps download speeds. This means you can browse the net, load flash pages, get email etc very fast. T-Mobile 4G network offers 10Mbps to 19 Mbps speeds in American cities and the T-Mobile G2 is capable of handling this speed. It doesn’t have the Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities yet, but may gain it.

Mostly, the T-Mobile G2 is a great investment despite the lack of a front facing camera. And if you are interested, you could get T-Mobile G2 accessories such head phones, backup batteries, G2 chargers (travel chargers and solar chargers) and G2 cases online. You also could get HTC G2 chargers, Amzer G2 cases and Swarovski ear phones from sites such as

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