Pointers on Looking for a Good Conference Call Provider


Pointers on Looking for a Good Conference Call Provider

If you want to find the best conference call provider to suit your needs, you have to know how to do some research. Online is of course a good place to start. Look for a viable conference call provider online, because chances are this outfit will also use the Internet to route and market its product.

Providers of VoIP – or voice over Internet protocol – are often sought for their conferencing software. VoIP technology offers a much cheaper alternative to traditional phone conferencing, which has to deal with bad reception, long distance charges, and other major inconveniences. Chances are even after you’ve done your research, you’ll still find that the most affordable and viable conference call provider for you is a VoIP-enabled one.

VoIP technology is quite similar to traditional phone calls, actually – only it uses Internet lines to send sound packets instantaneously from one computer terminal to another. As with phone calls, distance may affect the integrity of the signal, and if the provider is not quite reliable, you may find the personal information you used to sign up for VoIP services distributed over the Web.

VoIP is largely untapped territory in the global telecom industry, and in a free trade environment, your options are virtually limitless. Regulation of VoIP use is still ongoing in all developed countries. You can opt for the free (or conditionally free) Web-based communication services like Skype, Tapioca or GoogleTalk… but since many of such services are built on open source codes, you may be in danger of having your transactions hacked into, interrupted or downright blocked. Some free services, such as amiciPhone, claim to be secure, however.

And as for “conditionally free,” we mean services that have been around for some time, such as Skype and Vonage, have already started charging for their services in certain parts of the globe. If you want audio chat services that are bound to stay free for a while, GoogleTalk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and other chat messenger software provide reasonable audio communication options. However, communication may suffer in quality, and users are normally restricted to just one-on-one chatting.

For more reliable alternatives, it would be best to look into paid, closed source alternatives. What you’re paying for is not only convenience, but flexibility, ease of use, and absolute security. If you’re lucky, you can find a good paid conference call provider who can customize an audio conferencing software package for reasonable rates.

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