President Obama Complaining “They Talk About Me Like a Dog”

President Obama Complaining “They Talk About Me Like a Dog”

In a speech on 9/6/2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it was painful to see President Obama go off the prepared remarks on the teleprompter complaining about how “They talk about me like a dog.”

I wrote an article 8/31/2010, President Obama Does “Wag the Dog” in a Deflation Economy. You can see it if you google (Obama wag the dog) or (wag the mosque). In it I called him out for coming out in favor of building the Manhattan muslim mosque. I said he was trying to divert attention away from the deflation economy slipping into depression and the possibility that the Democratic Party may lose control of both houses of Congress in the November 2010 midterm elections.

To “Wag the Dog” is a euphemism for a politician starting a war or doing something else to get the heat off his own back.

What I was said was, President Barack Hussein Obama was doing a “Wag the Mosque” just 2 months after he did “Wag Arizona” over that states new illegal immigrant law. I went on to say in so many words – President Obama you were caught in a lie and a fraud. President Obama was trying to divert attention away from the fact that the deflation economy under his left leaning administration is sick and that his Democratic Party is in trouble in the 2010 midterm elections.

Also, the fact that business is frozen in uncertainty and fear is a big problem. Uncertain business people see one after another big spending measure. First, we got QE1, Quantitative Easing One. Now QE2 is projected to be bond buying stimulus by the federal government with the help of the Federal Reserve to the toon of 75 billion per month.

Business people just learned that the Obamacare health care bill had more red tape. Apparently, every transaction over $ 600 has to have an IRS 1099 form filed. Each and every time. An overload or red tape and a big waste of time for businesses trying to make a living. By the way, the health care reform act was ruled by the courts to actually be a tax increase. He said it was not a tax. Liar!

Business people are afraid to hire, spend, expand, loan, lease, buy or borrow. His socialistic increased wealth redistribution and ever bigger more wasteful government stimulus plans will make the coming Greater Depression last three times longer and be three time larger than the depression back in the 1930’s.

Only 10% of the President Obama staff have any business experience and none have any economic savvy. The best way to create jobs is to lower taxes and let business do the hiring. Those are the kind of jobs that last. Not government funded “shovel ready” make-work projects. Project done. Job gone. Just last week Obama admitted in public that there was no such thing as a “shovel ready” project.

Those of you who still have their head spinning around over the building of the mosque 560 feet from the 9/11 ground zero 51 Park Avenue site are being played like pawns in a game. You have been officially “wagged and punked.” You have been fooled again. It won’t get built. 100,000 people would put up picket lines around it and the loyal unions would not cross those lines to work on it.

Especially, if the Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, refuses to break away from the harsh, excessive and violent to women sharia law. Muslims in favor of sharia law should not be allowed to build a mosque anywhere in America. Why don’t governments of the world get down on the Muslim countries for their antiquated sharia law and unjust treatment of women? Oil! What a copout by weak chicken politicians worldwide. Women beaten, stoned, not allowed to do anything but housework day in and day out. Raped by their husbands. Absolute stone age cruelty and un justice to women.

I think the real reason President Obama came unglued was related to the, CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY, book by David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother. It hit the bookstore shelves 8/23/2010. It’s number 1 on the non-fiction New York Times Best Seller list. There is some big time “They talk about me like a dog” going down in David’s book. He says that President Obama’s politics and personality threatens our liberties in the name of an ivory tower utopian world view with only room for socialism at a scary scale and that Obama is a vindictive school yard bully and holds American ideas and ideals in repudiation and contempt. David Limbaugh’s book also says Obama is doing an assault on our prosperity, our security, and ultimately, our liberty.

The truth hurts. Doesn’t it? So, he blurts out, “They talk about me like a dog.” Those remarks were not scripted on the teleprompter. He even says so in the video clip. It’s probably on YOUTUBE by now. What a whiner in chief! Let’s turn the light on the President Obama’s nasty personality along with the elitist socialist America hating crew of cockroaches with which he has surrounded himself. He wants to weaken America.

The President Barack Hussein Obama Junior, that we elected is on a mission to make the America pay for every imperial and colonial act in the past. This was the anitcolonialist dream of his socialist, drunken and philandering father, Barack Obama Senior (deceased). Wealth redistribution, carbon consumption taxes, increased income taxes, Obamacare, and control of every little thing business does are part of Obama Junior’s anticolonial socialist crusade to bring down America. He sees the U.S. as an evil empire ripping off the third worlds resources and lording over the rest of the nations. Muslims who oppose and fight against those that would suppress them are freedom fighters and resisters to American imperialism in his mind.

Sure, build the mosque near the 9/11 Ground Zero site to be a “black eye” and rub salt in our wounds. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. didn’t even even protest when they released the convicted Lockerbie bomber. A person who planned the killing of hundreds of Americans. President Obama’s father’s antiquated anticolonial and socialist dreams are becoming our nightmare. Obama Junior’s self-written autobiography is titled, DREAMS OF MY FATHER. So, don’t try and tell me otherwise.

Let’s see Obama’s real birth certificate. Is he even a citizen? He has spent over a million dollars fighting people trying to get his records released to the public. And While I’m at it, why did Barack Hussein Obama get the Nobel Peach Prize? He hadn’t done anything to deserve it yet. Was it up front hit money for the one-world-government and new-world-order work he would be doing for the world power elite bankers and other “Big Brother” wannabe-be’s?

Start being a contrary thinker or you will be the one caught up in politicians lies and frauds. Watch out for the next “Wag the Dog.” A war with Iran. The deflation economy is quickly becoming the GREATER DEPRESSION thanks to leftist leeches like Obama and his one-world-government favoring socialist supporters. Plan on a 90% drop in price in most assets and 30% unemployment by 2016. Stupid is as government does.

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