Publicity Waves Emanating from Internet Talk Radio


Publicity Waves Emanating from Internet Talk Radio

Talk shows have long been used on television by all kinds of famous individuals, especially actors, to advertise their work to the general public. Celebrities often take advantage of popular talk shows, encouraging people so see their latest movie or buy their latest CD by providing a preview on the show.

An individual working as an Internet Marketer is probably not going to be interviewed by or allowed to advertise on any big time, network produced talk show. They can still get a message about their business out to more people by being booked for an Internet talk radio show, which many websites now run with the help of podcasting.

The site owner’s guests join the site owner via telephone and the conversations are recorded and uploaded to the site for download. The interviews may be conducted one on one or over a conference line full of live listeners.

Internet talk radio shows are easier to produce, since available technology makes the recording process quite simple. In fact, a Google search for “Internet talk radio” produces over 190,000 results.

People who listen to Internet talk radio shows do not have to listen when the broadcast is happening at a certain time of day; they can go online and listen whenever they want. Websites that host such talk radio shows are usually free, but some charge for the download of such programs.

Another bonus is that since so many websites are adding radio shows to their sites, it is easy to find radio shows targeted to your market. You can locate them by doing a simple Google search.

You should send the host a press release if you are interested in being a guest on an Internet talk radio show that you have found. The press release you send is a simple document that tells the show’s your contact information, general information regarding your business, and details of current offers or special events that you would like to promote.

While we used an example of promoting an information product above, you are in no way limited to that. You can promote any service or product with Internet Talk Radio. Whether it is a tangible item, digital product or event that you are promoting, Internet Talk Radio is a great way to get in front of your target market.

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