Selling Yourself Online


Selling Yourself Online

JOB search has never been easy for us. Information Technology however brought about a system where job hunting wouldn’t be as difficult, tedious and costly as it was years back.

Job vacancies are usually seen posted outside an entity, job listing published in the major dailies or announced over the radio, broadcasted on television programs or by sheer word of mouth.

Under these circumstances, an applicant undergoes the tedious process of having to fill up application forms, accomplish a bio-data, line-up along with many other fellow jobless individuals applying for the same position that you are yearning to get, attending a series of invitations for purposes of undertaking a series of examinations and interviews before one finally gets to know if he’s hired or will have to try his luck next time and elsewhere.

The tedious process is already a thing of the past.

Modern-day Job Search

Today, there is a simplified way to search and hopefully land a job. The evolution of Information Technology has brought in online job search engines, where we get a consolidated listing of the jobs we want based on the qualifications that we have, salary we desire and location where we intend to work.

With a long list of job search engines, an applicant (who could either be unemployed or simply unhappy or discontented with his or her present job), will have to refer to the web. These job search engines allow filtering of the data under the keywords section, which refines the job listings.

Upon identifying a job vacancy, an applicant has to explore the job search system and follow instructions as to the proper way of online submission of job applications. It is also through this system that we submit our bio-data (containing personal data, educational attainment, family background, work history and other credentials) from where we would be sized up, qualified and short-listed.

From there, an applicant is notified via electronic mail on the status of one’s application. There are also job search engines providing updates on the status of a job application.

Short-listed applicants may also take the examination and interview online using electronic mailing system and instant messaging system (Yahoo Messenger is one of them). In some instances, interviews are conducted online using webcams.

Job Search Engines

Job Search Engine is a website where we could actually get hundreds of thousands of job listings for over a wide range of fields of inclination, expertise and profession

It is also called an employment website, which caters exclusively to employers and job hunters. In this type of website, employers get to post job vacancies (along with the qualifications and requirements) are posted. These job vacancy posts are viewed by millions of job hunters from where they get to choose where they’re more inclined to work based on the stuff they are made of.

These websites also offer free services, which include suggestions, recommendations and advise both for the employers in need of workers and the applicants in search of work.

They’re Everywhere

A data released by the International Association of Employment Websites, tells that there are actually over 40,000 job search engines that we could actually find in the web. These jobs search engines facilitate millions of job-related concerns. GP

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