Seven (7) Latest Tricks for Yahoo Instant Messenger

Let’s try the latest Yahoo tips and resources for online users. With following yahoo tips and tricks you can enjoy more of your chat experience rather than boring simple yahoo chat routine.

1. Grab and Save Someone Avatar: Yahoo Messenger Avatar is a Picture or Image that represent the owner of the avatar of yahoo Messenger user(s). At this time, we would give you a simple trick to grab the avatar of yahoo messenger from somebody else / someone else they get and save it to your storage disk in your local computer (desktop, PC an else). You can then use that avatar for your own avatar or just share with your friends. More Details

2. Tweet Away Your Messages: Twitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using your favorite Instant Messenger. It keeps your Messenger status and Twitter in synchronization with each other. By changing your status updates your Twitter automatically! More details

3. Trick To Login Multiple ids: If you have multiple ID’s and wants to login with more than one yahoo ID at the same time then don’t worry, you can login with more than one ID at the same time using this tip. There is no need to install any other multi messenger version, you can easily covert your normal yahoo messenger into multi messenger and enjoy your many ID’s at the same time. More details

4. Remove Annoying Ads: To remove and disable ads displaying on Messenger 10. Remove the irritating Yahoo Messenger ads using Yahoo messenger Ad Banner Remover Plus

5. Detect The Invisible Person: Does anyone cheating you online, keeping you in stealth mode so whenever they come online they appears to be offline or invisible. Now no more hide and seek. More Details

6. Keyboard Shortcuts Keys: For some yahoo users, using mouse to open feature(s) make a little time longer if they didn’t know the location links of the features. It is faster and easier if they try to use Keyboard Shortcut to open those features or application. More Details

7. Hidden Emoticons: Surprise your friends with these hidden yahoo emotions and smiley’s. You won’t find these in the emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.

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