Staying In Touch With A Grandma Or Grandpa Who Live A Long Distance Away


Staying In Touch With A Grandma Or Grandpa Who Live A Long Distance Away

Nowadays, families tend to disperse themselves all across the country, and even at times around the globe! Whether it’s on account of work or something else, many families find themselves moving far away from their close loved ones, including important relatives such as grandparents. But because of modern technology, your kids are not left with just the recollection of Grandma in the photo albums that sit on your coffee table. Keeping in touch has never been easier.

Using Electronics To Communicate

The advances that have been made in electronic communication open up the doors for staying in touch with long-distance grannies and grandpas. Email is currently so straightforward that even a five-year-old can do it. This is wonderful because it means that even grandparents who have a very hard time with technology can be taught how to use email to send and get messages. If a particular grandparent is notably unfamiliar with personal computers, you can surely opt for a simple laptop or pc and take roughly an hour to teach them how to use it. There are even classes offered for exactly this sort of need at most local community colleges and community locations – many of them you can get for free or at a very low cost. Once Grandma sees the first few pictures of the youngsters on her own computer, it’s likely that she’ll want to find out what she needs to do to see some more.

Keeping In Touch Across The Miles

Other ways that Grandma can use and have fun with technology to keep in touch from her home across the country include:

• Printing digital pictures from home. Grandmother will have no problem filling numerous photo albums in one year without even needing to go to a photo center, just as long as she has access to the correct printer and photo paper.

• Making use of phone services on the internet such as Skype. If Granny and you both have Skype accounts, then it will be free for you to talk Skype to Skype. Furthermore, there are very cost-effective phone plans which enable you to place calls to both cell phones and land lines.

• Making use of cell phone functions. Quite a few cell phone plans permit you to have unlimited calling when it is after a certain time, for example after six p.m. and on weekends. This time that’s free can be a wonderful opportunity to talk with the family.

• Joining social sites. Websites like and also in addition to other social media sites allow family members to stay in contact with each other, share pictures, write status updates, and far more.

• Creating online photo albums. Create online photo albums using photo-sharing internet sites such as, and then share them with family and friends. This can be a great way to share important events instantly with grandma and other people, or you can post and share vacation and school pictures without the long waiting time for snail mail.

• Chat instantly with the help of a web cam. Talking face to face with your grandma or grandpa can be simple as well as free if you use a service like Yahoo Messenger! Web cams are easy to use, very reasonably priced and many of them take still pictures as well that can be used for making prints.

These are only a few of the ways that you can stay in touch with your loved ones across the miles that are between you – there are certainly many others that can enable you to feel like your grandma, grandpa or any other relative is just right around the corner.

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