Steps To Follow If You Repeatedly Failed To Key In Your YM Password


Steps To Follow If You Repeatedly Failed To Key In Your YM Password

One of the best ways of preventing unauthorized people from getting access to your own online account hence preventing access of personal private information this also applies to Yahoo and most of its applications. It’s good to change your passwords frequently to prevent people from accessing your mail, chat, finance and even my yahoo which all fall under yahoo and are protected by one password.

Keep in mind that when using yahoo, it’s good to change the password frequently because the password is used to access all the applications being offered by yahoo.

Changing the password is not a difficult task; you can be able to do this by getting access to your yahoo messenger account, yahoo mail or any of the accounts offered by yahoo. You will access this by entering your ID and password.

You can then click on your username and you will see a menu will appear providing you different options you can click “account info’ where a dialog box will pop out requesting you to enter your password again after which you will be led to the account info page. You can then click’ change your password’.

Just after doing that is important you have a new password ready. So you will enter the old password that you want to change and then type the new password three times as required. Make sure you confirm that you do not mistype the new password.

Immediately you do that click ‘save’ for you to save the password note if it doesn’t match you have to refill the information again. But if you have done the right thing you will receive a message notifying you that you have managed to change you can then click continue.

After completing the process of changing the password you will be taken to the web page where you will be required to enter the new password so that you can be able to login in.

Preventing access to your yahoo accounts is easy if you constantly change your password.

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