Steps to Recover Hotmail Password

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by Alpat

Steps to Recover Hotmail Password

Usually people do not forget the frequently used email password, but if you are managing too many accounts then you may forget the email password. In case you have forgotten or lost your Hotmail password, you don’t need to worry you can simply recover the password using the Windows Live help. There are many ways to recover based on your settings available with Hotmail.

Hotmail Email has been a head of free web mail accounts for every person to advantage from. With Hotmail Email’s incorporated photo upload tool it is simple to send your relations and buddies high-superiority Images through your laptop or computer or digital camera. MSN websites like MSN Spaces and MSN Messenger demand someone to make a Passport account to benefit from them. The passport requires the use of a webmail email which can be implemented as the login name from the user. Here are some easy steps that can be very useful for recovering your hotmail password:-

1. First of all try to log into Hotmail account and give your hotmail id and in the password field you will find ‘Forgot your password’ which will get you to advance Hotmail password recovery steps.

2. Now the next step is to provide Hotmail ID and then fill out the captcha. When done click on ‘Continue’.

3. Now reset your password where you will be asked to provide where accurately you want to get your password reset instructions. It is better to select an Alternate e-mail ID where you can login.

4. Now you will get password instruction to the email ID which you have selected.

5. Follow the instruction in the mail sent to recover your password where you will be provided a link to click.

6. You will be now taken to password change page where you need to provide you new password.

7. After above steps you should get confirmation that your password has been changed to your desired one and you can now login.

You can’t really recover an old password but you can change your password and get access to your account. This is all because of protection reasons since if someone knows your pet name, your birthday, or your old password then if reset to your old password he still will have access to your account and the hacker can block your hacked account by changing the security questions which will make you harder to raise back access to your account.

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