Steps To Take When Infected With The Google Redirect Virus


Steps To Take When Infected With The Google Redirect Virus

Have you tried to search on Google recently and found that your results were weird and made no sense? If so, you may be the victim of a Google redirect virus. This is a new way that online scammers have to dupe and cheat na*ve PC users.

If you get this virus and try to search on Google, it will automatically redirect you to a page of results that are irrelevant to your search. Worse, if you click on these links you can end up at a website where other malicious programming or code may attack your computer.

You can get this virus via illegal downloads. You may have it on your computer if you are seeing strange results on Google, and have recently downloaded music, video, software, or screensavers. Your computer has likely also slowed down recently and you’re getting popups that try to talk you into buying more software (also malware, by the way).

Not all computers are affected by this virus in the same way. It’s really hard to identify and remove, because it can create different filenames. Here are the steps that are most likely to help you restore your computer’s functionality and ability to search on Google:

1. Your Windows host file has been altered. This is the basis for the redirect. You will need to set it back to where it was before you were infected. To do this go to “My Computer” and open the folder called “etc.”

2. Within this folder there is a subfolder named “Hosts.” Open this, using Notepad.

3. You will now be deleting all lines in this file EXCEPT the one t hat reads “” That one line is the correct one for your computer and needs to stay. All others were part of the malware, and were malicious websites the program was redirecting your computer to. Now save and close the Hosts file.

Next, you need to consider getting some up-to-date spyware and virus protection for your computer. You want a program that can delete problem files in the future before they can be downloaded and installed on your computer and cause you further trouble.

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