Still Using Multiple Tools For Your Organization?


Still Using Multiple Tools For Your Organization?

There are so many communication and organization tools available today. Which ones do you use? When it comes to this type of programs most users think about email, instant messenger, a scheduler and internet telephony with Skype.

Organization mostly is done with a scheduler. Meetings, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts – everything is added to your scheduler. This way you have everything at place. But is this the best way to structure your personal and/or business data?

Is it hard for you to get a contact’s private phone number when you’re talking to someone else at phone? How difficult is it to find a meeting time for, let’s say 3 people? How often do you have to talk to them until you have all agreed on a date and time? These are just some typical examples, where a good tool can help you save time. You may think of using Excel for this job. Many users try to manage their day this way. But keep in mind: Excel was designed to calculate, not to organize your day. There are much better approaches.

On is to use a Personal Information Manager, or just short PIM. A PIM usually consists of a scheduler, a contact manager, notes, an email client and a task manager. The most important thing is that the PIM was designed to help you with your daily private or business organization. Mostly all parts are working together; therefore you can turn off all other applications which handle only a single issue of your organization.

PIMs consist of an email client, an appointment, a task, contact and note manager, offer a rich set of functions especially for communication and planning. Think about a scheduler which can be synced with others and that shows you with one click when several users have time for a new meeting. Think about a contact manager with search and filter options that let you initiate a chat or Skype session with just a few clicks. Sounds good? Then take a look on the available PIMs and give it a try. The most known PIM is MS Outlook, but there are some alternatives to it like Pimero, iCal or Lotus Organizer.

Gerard Schwabe is senior project manager at soft-evolution, an innovative provider of team management software Pimero.
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