Stranger Chat is More Fun Than You Think


Stranger Chat is More Fun Than You Think

Recently, Stranger Chat has become a buzzword. Everyone is keeping asking about it. Every now and then, one of my friend blurts out “Hey! I got a girl from Brazil!” So, I think the time is ripe for exploring it a little more.

Basically, a stranger is a person who you do not know, who lives outside your area, maybe talks another language. Yet, somehow you two meet–by chance or by purpose. Meeting a person beyond barriers of familiarity, geography, language and culture is always a matter of excitement. Just think of how excited you would have been, as a child, when you met a guy who just came from a land which only existed in your geography book. Though you are not a child anymore, yet the excitement is still there.

So, how can we meet a stranger nowadays, apart from traveling? Stranger chat is one answer. Yes, there are apps that are specifically made to introduce two totally unknown persons. You do not even require any user name, and chat with the stranger complete anonymity, being a stranger yourself.

Each person is like a window: a window to his/her thoughts, culture, life, stories, dreams, happiness and sadness. The people around you are also a source of joy and comfort to you, but they lack the spice of being unknown. When you meet an unknown person, you must introduce yourself to him/her, and have a chance to discover that person. It feels great when you find that a guy from halfway across the world supports the same football club as you do, or has the same choice of movies as you have. Moreover, discovering the person–question by question–is like rediscovering a character from a book or a movie: a character that only existed in your thoughts, but now you know he/she really exists.

Yet it becomes more remarkable when, all on a sudden, you will find that you are talking about things you never thought of sharing with anyone. Here comes the magic of unknowingness. You will find that you are becoming more honest about you, and will be more delighted when you will find a caring heart in your friend from Strangerland. Anonymity has its blessings.

Having that said, let us consider some stranger chat apps. There are donTalk, Omegle, Iddin, and GettingRandom. Omegle, the first Stranger Chat, is available in web site and iPhone. GettingRandom is available in Facebook. However, donTalk is available in web site, Facebook, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. donTalk has taken its name from the famous Dio song “Don’t talk to strangers.”

donTalk, GettingRandom and Iddin let you specify if you prefer to talk to a boy or girl. If you do so, the app tries to find such a person. If no such person is available, it hooks you up with a random stranger. Similarly, you can specify if you prefer to talk to people from a specific country. donTalk opens up a Google Map, and you can either click on the place or search for a place. Apart from this, Iddin lets you share photos with the Stranger.

However, the biggest perk is the language feature. donTalk and GettingRandom automatically translates messages. For example, consider donTalk. It’s no wonder that you may understand Chinese better than she does English. In that case, all you need to do is to select the language you understand: from that moment, you can write in Chinese (or any language you understand), and your messages will be translated to the other person in Russian (if she selects so). When she writes in Russian, you will receive in Chinese. Great, isn’t it? It is done with Google translation service.

Still thinking if it is worth a try? Go ahead and search google with dontalk, omegle, iddin or getting random, and feel yourself.

Saad Quader is a software engineer working in a small start up, Prolog. In Prolog, he works with different web technologies. Prolog has developed donTalk, a Stranger Chat app. donTalk is a cool idle-time app available in Facebook, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.
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