Surveillance Keylogger For Windows 7


Surveillance Keylogger For Windows 7

This article gives you a brief introduction about Keylogger used for providing complete windows monitoring supported at all operating systems like Win XP, 2010 or later.

A Preface for Keylogger

Keylogger is stealth software competent to rapidly monitor all PC based activities operated by other customers in your absence. Keylogger tracks chat conversations performed on both sides via Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Facebook, Orkut and other online chat programs. Keylogger is used to take screenshots of each mouse click movement and key press event. Keylogger blocks image screenshot capturing when computer is not in use and again restart snapshots recording on signal of a mouse movement or keystroke typed event. Keylogger is used to make recording of all microphone sounds through PC microphone logging feature. Keylogger Software generates password encrypted HTML log file reports and send them on your mail accounts for future persistence. Keylogger is Windows compatible software gives support to all versions of operating systems including Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows Home Basic, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2010 and others. Keylogger is surveillance software not shown in any file or folders on your local computer and not in control panel-add or remove programs, start menu, task manager and other places on your PC. Keylogger automatically uninstalls on date of expiry without need of any human intervention.

Why Keylogger?

Keylogger offers advanced functionalities to achieve full control over PC activities.

* Chat logging

Make records of both sides of voice chat conversations performed through MSN, Gtalk, Facebook and other most commonly used chat applications.

* Keystroke Logging

Track every second visited sites, installed software, downloaded files, emails, username, password and all mouse click movement and keyword entered events.

* Screenshot logging

Take screenshots pictures of each and every mouse click and typed keystroke. Software end capturing screenshot throughout idle time of PC and again restart process of snapshots on getting a signal of mouse click or key press action.

* Microphone logging

Produce efficient sound recordings made with computer microphone with high clarity and preciseness. Software begins recording on above defined threshold level of sound and blocks when no persons are actually including in conversation which leads to proper usage of time and disk space.

* HTML reports generation

Build log file records in HTML format containing detailed description about all tracked files. Software is also responsible for sorting, modifying, deleting, storing, displaying and printing reports on date and time basis. Keylogger sends reports on your email ids through FTP or E-mail.

* Hidden Software

Invisible software not shown in any location on your computer such as not in control panel-add or remove programs, not in task manager, not in start menu, not in any file or folder on desktop and not anywhere on your PC. Application secretly performs its task without letting known to other users that their activities are being controlled and recorded by you.

* Automatic installation

Keylogger uninstalls on its own when expiration date comes without any manual intervention.

* Windows Compatible

Well suited with all latest versions of Windows platform including Windows XP, ME, 98, Vista, Home Basic, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and others.

You can easily download free trial version of Keylogger from . After getting complete satisfaction with the product, you can order full version Keylogger with less expensive prices and free customer support.

Jack defines every software solution in very interactive way for the Layman. Family Keylogger ( controls all actions performed by kids in the absence of their parents. Keylogger ( gives keystroke logging, screenshot logging, HTML reports generation and other features.
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