T-Mobile Sets To Release The Next Android Phone, The G2


T-Mobile Sets To Release The Next Android Phone, The G2

Introducing the new T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile’s very first smartphone, made to work with their 4G network. With features such as a photo and video camera, blazing speeds on the 4G network, a full QWERTY keyboard, thousands of applications to download, and 4GB of internal storage to give you space to put all your music, photos, or any other media, this phone is a definite winner. The T-Mobile G2 is an HTC slider phone with an auto-rotating screen, modeled from the HTC Desire Z. Its unique hinge design, named the “Z-hinge,” springs open when you want the phone open, and keeps it closed when you do not.

This awesome high-resolution touch screen phone can be used solely as a touch screen or with the pull out full size QWERTY keyboard. Because this is an Android phone, you have one touch access to all Google applications, Google Talk, Google Calendar, G-Mail, Good Talk, YouTube, and the Android Apps Market. The App Market gives you access to all kinds of useful, fun applications to customize your smartphone. The home screen can be customized with any programs or applications you like for quick access to your most used programs.

With a five-megapixel camera and 720p video camera resolution, you can take quality video and pictures without having to tote a larger piece of equipment around. With a LED flash camera feature, you are sure to get pictures of every special moment, even if there is not enough lighting. With an auto-focus feature, you will not be stuck with hundreds of blurry pictures. You can send them to any camera phone, an email address, or T-Mobiles online album service, MyAlbum. Of course, you can also view any of your videos and pictures straight from your G2 as well.

T-Mobile G2 accessories include many different kinds of faceplates, protector sheets for the touch screen, travel chargers, car chargers, batteries, and cases. You’ll be able to personalize your G2 with a large variety of covers and faceplates in many different styles, made from metal, rubber, plastic, vinyl, and other materials. You can find many cases in many styles, including horizontal and vertical facing cases, with a wide array of colors to choose from. Other accessories include screen protectors for LCD screen protection, USB data cables for synchronizing your phone to your computer, and extra memory cards for storing more media on your phone. You can also find headphones for your device to listen to the MP3 files that can be loaded onto the phone.

T-Mobile’s new G2 phone has got the attention from many tech junkies and is being named as one of the greatest phones as of late. This phone is one of the best choices to make, whether you need a phone for your business, or if you simply want it for all your entertainment needs.

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