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The future of voice calling


by barron The future of voice calling One of the most striking features of their mobile calling applications is that besides being useful, they are also very easy to use. The mobile app development companies have pioneered the mobile development and constantly strive to do the same by developing best applications which offer cheap international

The Future of Facebook


by tychay The Future of Facebook What will the future of Facebook look like in a few years? I still remember when it was brand-spanking new. I was in the middle of college when someone told me about this website called “Facebook”. I was confused as to what the point of it was exactly. After

The future of online advertising


by schoschie The future of online advertising Computer and Internet technologies are evolving so quickly and successfully that more and more aspects of the business are transferred from the real world into the virtual world. This process is not bypassed and advertising. Some companies have long since begun to reallocate its budget in favor of

The Future Of The Instant Messenger – Multi-Instance, Multi-Identity and Muti-Messenger Compatible

This article is about the future landscape of instant messaging. Instant messaging is a very popular method of communication because of the instant gratification that it gives. The future will consist of messengers that can inter-operate with other messengers regardless of the brand or manufacturer. The future instant messenger will also need to support multiple