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New York Skype users prefer ooVoo audio/video quality

I love blind taste tests, in this case sponsored by ooVoo, conducted by Web Tel. Skype lost in five tests. Let’s review it critically. The findings, from the news release: Sound quality: 68 percent prefer ooVooTelephone sound quality: 80 percent prefer ooVooTelephone conversational quality: 78 percent prefer ooVoo ooVoo’s telephone conversation quality (two way dialog;

Skype tip: When banning is harsh, try /alertsoff

By Phil Wolff, on August 27th, 2010 Hi, Michael. Loved your Skype etiquette post. Here’s a tip. WHEN   someone is too chatty AND   you don’t want to turn off all your IM update audio alerts, TRY THIS: In the chat with that person, type /alertsoff. You’ll both be able to chat with each

Skype Birthday Note from Startup Weekend Education by the Bay

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Will the Verizon/Samsung Tab come with Skype?

By Phil Wolff, on August 31st, 2010 Boy Genius Report found a little more evidence Verizon Wireless is preparing the Samsung GALAXY Tab tablet for US distribution. The Tab will launch in Berlin this week with Android 2.2, a 7″ screen, and a user-facing video camera. Here’s hoping VZW preinstalls a version of Skype mobile

Skype Connect documentation for SkypeOut from office phones

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Screenshot: Skype for Windows Beta 5 uses Adobe Flash player

I found this error message when I launched Skype for Windows Beta this afternoon: “No flash player detected. Download it”. News to me that Skype had any plug-in dependencies for its built-in browser. This is likely a bug, left over from prototyping, or triggered before needed by the (now hidden) video mood message controls.

Here’s what Skype looks like when Grandstream designs it

By Phil Wolff, on September 20th, 2010 Skype designed software for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smartphones, Nokia tablets and Symbian phones. With the launch of SkypeKit, Skype is encouraging others to design their own versions of Skype, either as a full Skype client or as Skype features in another app.

Avaya US to preinstall Skype trunking; UC federation in 2011H2

David Gurle, GM, Skype Enterprise A deal in to phases. 1. Starting in October 2010, Avaya will preinstall and promote Skype Connect in the United States. This allows Avaya’s customers to more easily choose Skype for outbound and inbound calls. 2. Starting in the second half of 2010, many of Avaya’s unified communication (UC) systems