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Is Your Teenager Safely Using the Internet?


by M. Martin Vicente Is Your Teenager Safely Using the Internet? Every home with children in it has rules. Rules are created for the safety or well being of your child as well as to teach them to respect others. Parents implement house rules, chores and curfews to help their teens become responsible and remain

Get Extra Speed by Using "Lighter" Apps


by gerranek Get Extra Speed by Using “Lighter” Apps You’ve done everything you could to your computer box over the years, including keeping it clean, upgrading everything possible (some RAM here, a new DVD drive there, maybe another hard drive and so on) and there’s basically nothing more you can do. You may have entertained

Stay Connected using these Social Networking Apps for iPhone


by 99zeros Stay Connected using these Social Networking Apps for iPhone In this digital era, lives would have been very difficult without computers, laptops and the latest additions smartphones and the comfort provide us. Smartphones brought a revolution with their awesome mobile web based applications. As you all know Apple is the worldwide market leaders

Using Technology to Stay Connected

Shall we jump on three?

by Kalexanderson Using Technology to Stay Connected Perhaps technology is too general a term. The “internet” would be a more specific term. When the Internet was in its infancy, we could only read text in the form of static web pages or email. But that was a long time ago. The Internet rapidly maturing. There

Using Yahoo Messenger For Conference Calling

Yahoo Messenger provides you with very easy and low cost conference calling method available today. All you need to do is install Messenger to your computer (Windows and Mac) or alternatively to the iPhone. Windows version is capable of providing you with most features and flexibility. Among many “fun” features available only with Windows version,

Using Bluetooth Headphones With Yahoo Messenger

You can use your own bluetooth headphones together with Yahoo Messenger’s voice chat feature. You don’t have to sit tight in your seat while talking to someone over Yahoo Messenger’s voice chat, simply because bluetooth headphones are wireless. You have the freedom to roam around (up to 10 meters away) and do other things that

Using Secure Instant Messaging as a Sales Tool

Secure instant messaging is something to be concerned with since instant messaging has become a popular business tool for communicating with customers and suppliers as well as for collaborating with colleagues. If you’re an internet user, you are probably familiar with instant messaging such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger, and ICQ.

Advantages of Using a Corporate Messenger

Instant messaging is undoubtedly a useful tool for any business. And while the free services of Yahoo! and MSN and the like may seem appealing, there are several reasons why a corporate messenger is a better choice for some companies. Complete Administrative Control The flexibility of the corporate messenger is a very helpful feature for