The Current Systems of Smart Phone System


The Current Systems of Smart Phone System

Just like computer, a cell phone also has its own operating system. They will be a scrap iron without operating system. So if you want to make better use of smart phones, you must understand it with in-depth knowledge. The current systems of smart phones are symbian, Linux, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS.

Symbian is also called as EPOC system, which is the first developed by the Psion Company as a special use in mobile phones and other mobile devices operating system. Symbian system has two main platforms, they are the Series and for handwriting intelligent machines UIQ.

Linux with its free , open source advantage, through from the Internet and the efforts of programmers around the world, together with IBM, Sun and other computer giants support, Linux in mobile phone operating system market sprung up everywhere, especially in many well-known mobile phone manufacturers announced support for Linux operating system, Linux’s development will not be ignored.

The biggest feature of Palm OS is the simple, single-threaded. It can only run a program at the same time. The Palm OS will never be as open multiple applications into a memory overflow of the dilemma, which are its advantage and also its disadvantage, because many people are not satisfied with handling only one task at the same time.

BlackBerry is the first smart phone in the U.S. market share, thanks to its maker RIM early enters into the mobile market and the development of e-mail system to adapt to the U.S. market. Another feature of Blackberry is built-in a variety of real-time communication software, including BlackBerry Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger, but now it can only communicate using English, the software is still can’t support for Chinese font display.

Microsoft Window Mobile is famous for the development of mobile phone operating system, Windows Mobile to extend the familiar Windows desktop systems to handheld devices on the individual.

Google developed Android system is open source Linux-based mobile phone operating system. It includes operating systems, user interface and applications – required for all mobile phone software, but there is no past hinder innovation in the mobile industry the exclusive right to obstacles.

iPhone 3G makes iOS mobile operating system into the youngest. The world’s most authoritative IT research and advisory firm Gartner released the third quarter of 2008, the global smart phone market report.

These systems are the best to smart phones. And thanks to them, your smart phone can be used just like a personal computer.

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