The Good Technology of Android Phones

The Good Technology of Android Phones

Android is easily the most usage cell phones by all type of people. We are able to say one proverb as without android cell phones we can’t use whatever aged people nowadays. It’s essentially a cell phone operating-system that is introduced and created by Google for this world.

Android has several kinds of versions particularly for that cell phone meaning you are able to get the Android 3 version operating-system for the cell phones. This is quite enough to use for those types of android phones since the maximum capacity of storage to keep various kinds of applications.

Operating System

Though all the smart phones tell you the operating-system have similar number of features but just what the android OS’s additional feature is the best which might be tell you the java based programs too.

When rival the standard phones Android phones have a wide range of internet based programs and services that yield the android phone to become keeping at top one of the other competitive wise phones.

Yahoo is mother for individual’s Android phones as this is the inventor for android. So instantly it produces and allows being able to view a myriad of facilities like Google calendar, Gtalk, Gmail and much more programs.

In the case of system you have to connect modem by inserting that into CPU and then access without Bluetooth or wireless connections. But in case of Android mobile phone you can access the internet facility with the usage of Bluetooth or wireless technology.

Innovative Android

To ensure that you are able to consult with your buddies and relatives in person sitting whenever and wherever with using the 4G network and interactive video using Google talk.

Such as the Apple iPhone it is also several programs where Android market allows the clients to download programs and games for apple iPhone which are free of charge.

Actually in the year of 2008 the first Android phone has been released named as G1 which is developed by the HTC running in an Android 1.0 version.

So good to hear the lovable news about the Android phone is they keep the newest update versions in the name of food items which are easily attracted by the users. So many desserts name are there kept for the Android operating system.

The name of the Android version of 2.3.4 is Gingerbread. It is purely designed for the usage on 4G phones with the increased performance as well as speed. It basically provides better video quality and also support for front facing cameras one and only for video conferencing.

Commonly this is the fact that will assist in choosing the best android mobile phones for your usage. No one can restrict you to view. Once you start to use this android phone then you will be addicted for its easy convenience in all ways.
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