The Internet And The Philippines


The Internet And The Philippines

A few years back, On-line gaming is such an alien matter in the Philippines. Back then, Filipinos did not have enough Internet interest and means to provide for one. Filipinos were satisfied with ordinary computer games that does not require Internet connection. We can say that Filipinos back then were just being introduced to the capabilities of the Internet and that the interest is just growing along with the emergence of Internet shops from almost every corner of the country.

The Internet captured the society in a breeze. With the help of intriguing and enjoyable websites like Friendster, the Filipinos were very much drawn and addicted to the Internet. The Internet impact on the country almost revolutionized the landscape of computer literacy among the population. The increase in computer literacy on the country leads to the fact and assistance of the Internet. From all walks of life, people became curious and learned on their own.

The people can’t help themselves because definitely the Internet offers a lot to the table. With the help of the tools and the capabilities of the Internet, people’s lives improved and their ways of accomplishing things changed. One example, the usual Filipino back then only utilizes snail mail offered by their locality’s post office but with the help of the Internet, they have made less effort with the use of electronic mail or E-mail.

Another important thing that the Internet offers the people is the chatting options. Back then, it was so hard and so expensive to talk with loved ones around the world. But today, with the help of chat software like Yahoo Messenger, the people have found a new way of communicating with loved ones abroad. Webcams also assist on the excitement and fulfillment of these people. Today, one can see computer shops full of people chatting with their loved ones; or with foreigners trying to create romantic connections.

Such is the help of the Internet to the Philippines and around the world, even business transactions, banking and outsourcing have become easier with the use of it. Who ever imagined that the Philippines, the once country-side looking place has become a hub for technology and outsourcing.

As you can see today in the Internet, many companies outsource their work in the Philippines because there is so much talent in the country. With the country’s excellence in the use of the English language, probably the best in Asia, it is not surprising that it has become a place of great productivity especially in international works.

The Internet did not only affect the country in a professional way, it also revolutionized the youth’s interests. Today, one can see kids almost playing online games day in and day out. It can be concluded that the youth of today has become addicted to online gaming. It is quite saddening on the other hand when one realizes that online gaming takes away the interest in sports of kids. Technology has taken over and it has changed society. The Philippines is not an exception when one suffices the countries that have evolved due to the Internet.

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