The Internet Marketer’s 7 Step Program To Less Work


The Internet Marketer’s 7 Step Program To Less Work

Working online is the ultimate catch 22. You no longer have a boss to tell you what to do, and keep your “nose to the grindstone”.

However, therein lies the problem – you must now learn how to not only motivate yourself to work on your own, but manage your time more efficiently.

Even the most seasoned of all Internet marketers has problems with procrastination, and will surf the Web, watch television, or even go out shopping, instead of doing their daily tasks.

Do you find yourself sitting at your computer for hours upon hours and yet you don’t get anything accomplished as well? (It’s ok, you can admit it!) That, my friend, is the nature of the beast.

If you intend to do business online, you absolutely have to be disciplined in order to manage your time. Here is a seven step program you can follow to become more efficient when you are working online:

1. Set work hours

It is so easy to waste time when you should be working and to end up working unreasonable hours. Internet work can seemly turn into an addiction overnight if you don’t set specific work hours and stick with them.

2. Schedule play hours

Don’t spend your work hours playing – surfing the net, visiting Internet forums or participating in chat rooms. Set aside leisure time for such activities if you are prone to them.

3. Schedule communications

Set specific times during your work hours to open email. This should usually be the first thing and the last thing you do each work day. If you open your email periodically and respond to it, your work hours can be eaten up in a hurry! Turn off any indicators that tell you you’ve got new email.

4. Block the SPAM

Use a SPAM blocker to isolate or block SPAM email and keep it up to date. Use a separate email address for your business and personal email. Open personal email during your leisure time and business email during your scheduled communication time within your work hours.

5. Make a long-term plan

Make a ong-term plan of what you wish to accomplish each month and measure your progress towards that goal at the end of each week Having a vision with milestones and deadlines will keep you focused and working purposefully day after day.

6. Plan your days

Plan your days ahead of time with a “to do” list that ensures important things will get accomplished. Always plan a little time for unexpected interruptions or demanding little emergencies.

7. Kill the messenger

If you use messenger programs such as MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, log out during your work hours. If you conduct business communications through the messenger program, open separate accounts or block contacts so that only your business associates that you need to be available to can contact you via the messenger program during your work hours.

Keep in mind that you should take off at least one day a week, possibly on the weekend, to keep your mind and body fresh. By following these seven steps and rewarding yourself with time off, you will go a long way towards increasing your productivity throughout the month, and ultimately reaching your goals.

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