The Kinect: More Information About This New Technology

The Kinect: More Information About This New Technology

From the makers of the Xbox series, here comes the Xbox 360 Kinect. It is the newest and the new innovation in the world of highly advanced gaming console. This wireless game console is designed to deliver a new level of excitement that everybody will surely enjoy.

The Xbox 360 Kinect sensor system is composed of RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone software. These major elements are needed to develop and provide three-dimensional full body motion capture of the player or players. It also has the ability to recognize different voices of the player or players using the voice recognition system. The kinect system software is capable of tracking as many as six people simultaneously, including the two players who are currently playing. Its system can easily read motions and analyze gestures as much as 20 joints per player.

Its depth sensor has an infra red projector with the CMOS sensor that recognizes the playing area. It includes any elements present in the environment such as, chairs, tables, and other furniture. Its sensing range can be adjustable so that the users can minimize or maximized their gaming area.

The depth sensor system has a built-in infra red projector. It is connected to the CMOS which is responsible on determining the kind of environment being used as the gaming area. It has the ability to ascertain additional elements that are present on the gaming area apart from the players. Its sensing range can be adjustable to a certain point according to what the game require.

At the launch of the Project Natal, there some technical problems came out upon doing some demonstrations. According to Kudo Tsunoda, the creative director of the said program, putting Kinect based control to the existing games would give some changes to the codes. Making the whole Kinect system failure in adding software features.

Although, there are some risks involved, the sensor were removed and will no longer be used in the Kinect processor. The processing were decided to be handled by the processor cores of the Xbox 360s Xenon central processing unit. For this reason the load needed for the system to handled was maximized and enable its processor to work and perform at its best.

In using the Kinect system software, you need at least 175 MB of available storage space. This will allow you to use the Xbox 360 dashboard console which enables you to execute voice commands and hands gestures. It has an added application called the Windows Live Messenger which allows you to communicate using voice chat or video chat.

For you to be able to enjoy the gaming experience that the it could give, A minimum requirement of 175 MB free storage is needed. This free storage will surely accelerates its performance to its maximum level for your Xbox series. This system will provide you the ease of using its wireless features such as executing commands through your voice and body movements.

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