The Losses You Suffer For Messenger Instability

Skype Instant Messenger
by boogah

The Losses You Suffer For Messenger Instability

There are many people across the world that use chat software for well over 5 hours a day. Emoticons and Smileys are a form of expression that people use to liven and enhance a conversation. Emoticons can be funny, suggestive or even emotional. Therefore it is important that Smileys and emoticons be backed up. uses software that primarily backs up all emoticons and Smileys to a secure location. This is not its only use however; it also restores and allows browsing of the emoticon library.

Iconbackup not only backs up your emoticons it also offers several other unique features. These features include recovering lost emoticons and saving them to a secure location in case of a crash. It also features a browser so that users can go through their entire collection of emoticons as a slide show instead of individually double clicking them. The crowning feature is that the emoticons can be added using this software to any chat program. Skype and yahoo are also compatible with iconbackup. Backup messenger emoticon and save msn Smileys to many more chat programs.

There are multiple formats for emoticons. Some of these are PNG, JPG and GIF. Each of these formats offer different quality and size. JPG has the highest data size and is generally the last choice. PNG and GIF files formats are commonly used as it only occupies a fraction of data that JPG uses. GIF files are animated images and are commonly found in chat windows. GIF files feature short motion clip and are highly popular as emoticons. Iconbackup can save the three types of emoticons and provides a restore feature for all three as well. The quality between the three formats varies due to the limitations that each file structure brings.

Emoticons are ideal for expressing emotions and to liven up conversations. Any GIF file can be used as an emoticon. However the quality may be altered in the process of shrinking the image. GIF files are the most popular form of emoticons. is ideal for users who spend many hours on the internet chatting. Emoticons and Smileys can be used on internet names and status messages. Other than that emoticons can also transferred to software such as Skype and yahoo.

There no longer a need to manually copy and paste emoticons to different folders so that you can have all your emoticons on different chat software, iconbackup can achieve the same result in a matter of seconds. By converting your emoticon folder into a library you can even attach emoticons to your email and text message via IPhone and android smart phones. The application of iconbackup is virtually limitless when combined with other devices.

Do you want to find a quick and easy way to backup windows live messenger emoticons? Be sure to check IconBackup, the best way to do windows live messenger emoticons backup
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