The Perks of a Free Droid Phone


The Perks of a Free Droid Phone

The name Motorola droid seems to have been derived from a science fiction movie. It is no wonder that the name is licensed under Lucasfilm. Because of this, you might expect the phone to have science fiction-like qualities. While the droid phone has not reached that point, it still has pretty excellent specifications. It can definitely stand against other smart phones. Now, there are many perks associated with a droid phone. A free droid phone is much better. You definitely can see the practical, aesthetic and innovative benefits of a Motorola droid phone. Win a free Motorola droid and you’ll know what that means.

The Google Link

Google has a lot to offer. It is currently the best search engine online. It is also venturing into new territories. Because the Motorola droid phone has Google connections, it contains several Google applications including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Talk and many others. Because of the Google link, the Motorola droid can easily link you to your email, chat and other important applications. Google mobile services provide the smart phone an important boost.

Great Multimedia Capabilities

The Motorola droid phone is equipped with everything that you need to document the most important moments in your life. You have with you Bluetooth stereo music, a 5-megapixel camera and DVD quality video capture. The mentioned multimedia applications help you record your life in clear, high resolutions. A 5 megapixel camera is considered a really high resolution for a mobile phone.

Connectivity Perks

Because of the droid’s Wifi and GPS capabilities, you basically have a small computer in your hands. You can view your web pages on your droid anywhere you go. You can easily connect to unlocked networks. This is a great thing if you do not have your laptop with you. You need the connectivity tools to link to your Google applications anyway.

Long Hours with the Droid

After having your droid fully-charged, you use it for several hours. You can actually use it for a little more than six hours calling time tops. This means that if you use it mainly to text, you can use the droid for much longer without having to recharge it. This is very convenient if you won’t be near a charging station or an electric outlet for a long time. Of course, if you are at the office, you may just charge it by using an electric outlet or your laptop.

Memory and Expansion

The Droid is a smart phone. So it is a mobile phone that you can use as a mini computer. A mini computer that does not have enough storage but has a lot of multimedia capabilities is not working with its nature. In other words, if you have a lot of videos and photos because of your great multimedia package then you certainly need enough memory to store them.

Win a free Motorola droid and you can have all the above perks for free. Not only do you get an excellent smart phone but you also get it for free.

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