Many people use the word smart phone but they are not aware of the fact behind it. The meaning is hidden inside it because these phones are smarter than the regular cellular phones. There are many differences in regular and not only expensive but in cheap smart phone also.
* What is smart phone?
A smart phone is like a gadget or phone that enables you to make calls in many different ways. You can add different features in it also that make it more attractive and beautiful. In these phones, you can add many things that can be found on a personal digital assistant (PDA). There are many phones that allow you to do many different applications that help them to send and receive e-mails of different kinds. The owner of the phone can surf internet in many other ways. This is the reason that now days when ever somebody needs a phone, to he rushes towards smart phone store and gets them as soon as possible.
* The start of the smart phone.
With the passage of the time, science and technology flourished day by day. In start it was the PDA through which people used to do their official work. Later on, wireless phones were brought to the world and people started to communicate on these handsets. Then it happened that PDAs converted into cellular phones and cellular phones did great jobs by adopting and having different technical features in them. This is how the birth of smart phone took place and then they were brought to the smart phone shop.
* The features of a smart phone.
There is no specific definition of the word smart phone. It happened and took place with the progress of technology. Here are some of the features of the smart phone.
 Operating system:
A phone that has productive kind of applications in it will be in the list of the best smart phones. There are many different types of applications that re run on specific platform that is allowed by the phone. There are many new smart phones available in the market that is loaded with these specific features.
 Software:
All kinds of cell phones have software in them. Software is the basic part even of the simplest phone that has no specific feature in it. This is the software in any phone that allows the owner to do different applications.
 Messaging:
All kinds of phones allow you to send and receive text messages. A smart phone is a bit different because it handles text messages in different way in form of e mail. Yahoo messenger and Gmail can also be done in any smart phone to be connected with each other.
These were some basic points to tell the reason that why someone should have a smart phone. So read this article, go to a smart phone shop and purchase one for you.

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