Tips For Your First Blog – Make Money Online

Tips For Your First Blog – Make Money Online

You’ve joined the millions in blogging, the billions in social media, and you might feel small, a dot on the map. Starting a blog is about getting noticed, but even that depends on goals.

The problem with blogging all by yourself is you’re in somewhat of a vacuum. A recent statistic pointed out over 100,000 new blogs are created every day. Some are individuals like you, some are established businesses, and some are starting their entire business with a powerful blog.

The solution may be one of the most complex parts of blogging, but first lets look over the reasons to blog just for yourself:

– It’s fun
– You can make money online
– You can meet new people
– You can exchange ideas on subjects, from the World Series to saving money on auto parts

There is far, far more to it. But the make money blogging movement is the most defined. Google “make money blogging” and you’ll get literally millions of sites and pages commenting. It’s big.

So why are you starting this blog? Do you just want to have fun, or are business goals more prominent? And how can you actually get started?

There are many free blogging providers, many ways to make money blogging, and a plethora of opinions on exactly how to start a blog. Some say WordPress is the best provider, Adsense the best way to earn a passive income, and that you need to get started sooner rather than later.

The real problem with earning money from blogging is the fact competition is stiff. WordPress and Blogger are the two preeminent blogging providers, each with advantages (thought WordPress is likely the winner).

Have you thought of your subject? That will mean a lot when you want to make money blogging. You can’t just sign up for a few ad services after starting your blog. Actually, you can, but it won’t work. Most blogs take 3-6 months to actually get off the ground and earn a profit.

But who says you can’t enjoy yourself? Blogging is an art form. You can make money blogging, and that’s fun in and of itself, but if you don’t enjoy yourself as you write on key topics it’s noticeable.

To close, here are some opinions on how to get started with a blog:

– is the best blog provider out there, and with a host you can make money blogging here. If you have someone to help you I would recommend that you install wordpress on your own domain name. This will be a safe way to secure your content and investments in case should change their rules or stop offering this service. This have happened before with other companies. You should think a little about.

Research your topics You can’t always write whatever you want if you want to make money blogging. Spend a little time on keyword analysis and tools like Google Keyword Tool. Knowing which keywords people are searching for in Google and how large the search volume is before you start blogging is an effective, targeted and smart way to reach your goals. I’t might also give you great new ideas!

Build a community – This is about getting readers to come back. Chat with them on Twitter, ask them to share their opinions on your blog posts via Facebook, and network on LinkedIn. Talk with your readers, not only to them!

– You should use more than one ad service for your blog, as they too depend on topic. Try clickbank and Google Adsense first and be sure that you do not violate rules. Read the terms. Violating them can easily get you banned as a Google Adsense advertiser and this may last forever.

– Lastly, if you want to market a book or a service, be careful in using ads, as they will lead buyers away from your site.

Bruno is a Internet marketing consultant and author. His job is to make money online by learning other marketers how to make money online with SEO, social media marketing and how to make money blogging.
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