Treo 750 Product Review

Treo 750 Product Review

The newest update to the Palm Treo line of products hosting Window Mobile Pocket PC is the Treo 750. We have been testing and utilizing this phone for months and have been pleasantly surprised. The Treo 750 does not have the same issues as the Treo 700w and 700wx.

To overcome the issues of the previous Treo platforms The Treo 750 has double the memory and they “Tweaked” the operating system which corrected most of the issues from the previous Treo Models.

The best features of the 750 are:
* Microsoft Windows Mobile (TM) 5.0 with MSFP
* Internal Antenna
* Simultaneous voice and data capabilities
* Direct Push Technology
* Instant Messaging now contains the complete thread
* The Phone is Lighter and Thinner than previous versions
* New Texture on the phone makes it easier to hold

The strangest issue we had was the touch screen stopped responding. (Of course we realigned the screen). After researching many news groups we found out that if dirt accumulates under the frame of the screen, it will stop responding. As some of you, I must always have a clean screen therefore I clean it often. This is what caused the issue. As I cleaned my screen I was actually shoving dirt under the screen frame. To correct the issue, I folded over a business card and ran it under the edge of the screen removing all of the dirt. Wala! I was back in business.

Other key features of the Treo 750 are:
* QWERTY keyboard
* MS Word/Excel files; view PowerPoint & PDF docs
* Global coverage – Tri-band UMTS; quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
* Bluetooth v1.2 wireless technology
* Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for music and video
* 1.3 MP camera with 2x zoom and video capture
* Pocket MSN – Access Hotmail, MSN Messenger
* Multimedia Messaging – Send text, photos & video clips
* Instant Messaging – Yahoo!, AOL, and Windows Live(TM) Messenger (via download)
* Personal email support – XpressMail, POP3, IMAP4
* Enterprise email – Microsoft Direct Push, GoodLink and ActiveSync
* Access Microsoft Exchange Server and synchronization with Outlook
* Shortcuts to email, the internet and dialing from the Today screen
* Improved one-handed user experience and updated GUI
* Address book, calendar, memos and task list
* Voice command for voice dialing
* Speakerphone

Outside of the occasional soft reset we have been very pleased with the reliability and durability of the TREO 750. To assist with memory management, many of our users have downloaded Oxios Close Apps which is an application that closes your apps running in memory (big time saver!)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

James Casey is an expert in mobile technologies. To view the lastest Windows Mobile 5.0 devices on the market, please visit our site.

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