Use These Tips To Get Into Any CPA Network

Use These Tips To Get Into Any CPA Network

Getting approved by a CPA network doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. The tips below are going t to help you get approved by any CPA network.

CPA affiliate account managers have to decide who is in their best interest, as well as their vendor’s best interest; so in that regard they’re looking for marketers who sound professional and come across like they’re competent and professional, as well. They will want to do a short phone interview, most of them anyway, but no matter what you need to give them your phone number. One very quick way to get rejected is to fail to give them a phone number. As mentioned, any reputable network will insist on a phone interview because they want to get a better idea by talking to you. Just as a courtesy, if it’s not impossible for you, then make sure your voice mail is set up so they can leave a message if you miss them. If you need to, get a phone number and account over the net such as with Skype which is one of the most popular available. Also, a note about cell phones and ringtones: maybe turn off the obnoxious music until this is over so you make the best impression re professionalism. If you really want to do CPA, then you’ll make every effort to look like you’re a professional marketer.

Don’t make the mistake like a lot of affiliates do, which is to mark the box that has to deal with promotions by emailing if you know nothing of email marketing. The reason for this is that affiliate networks have a strong policy against spam, which is why they’ll do a closer, more detailed check on you. They have strict rules when it comes to email marketing. There are many good affiliate marketers who got into trouble because of email marketing, and that’s why it’s better to avoid it if you don’t deal with it and aren’t sure of all the legal aspects of it. When the affiliate manager calls you, he/she will scrutinize you in various ways if you have the email marketing option checked. And if you can’t answer those questions in the right manner, you will be denied, which is exactly what you’re trying to stay away from.

Perhaps you’re new to internet marketing? If you are, that’s something you do not want to let them know. Ok? Lacking in experience is probably the major reason for any application to be disapproved. It is best to not go overboard with stretching the truth, so when they ask just mention that you’ve been in IM for a year, or so. Be careful about lying about being in other networks because they may ask for a reference. When they ask you questions and interview you, remember they’re trying to protect themselves as much as possible, plus their vendors too. There have been very many scams involving CPA offers, so they’re clamping down a bit more. They need to be assured that you know what you’re doing and will not engage in unscrupulous marketing practices.

As a sidenote, you might want to have some kind of chat messenger such as AIM or others in the unlikely event they want to contact you. However your application will not be turned down if you don’t have chat, but it’s just an FYI. When you’re choosing the screen name for your instant messenger, make sure it’s professional and represents you or your company. Good choices are something with your name, or the name of your business.

All in all, CPA marketing can help you reach the highest level in your online business; you just need to know how to apply the above tips to first get approved.

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