Video Web Cam Chat – A New Era Of Communication For Businesses


Video Web Cam Chat – A New Era Of Communication For Businesses

Web cam chat conferencing, previously known as videoconferencing, brings people together at different locations by using the interface between audio and video. This can involve a point-to-point conversation between two people; or it can involve multi-point conversations between large groups at several locations. Not only can video web cam conferencing be used to share computer-displayed information, documents and whiteboards, it also uses audio and visual mediums to transmit meeting activities.

In the 1980s, digital telephony transmission networks assured a minimum bit rate for compressed video and audio transmission. As networks started to expand throughout the world, the first dedicated systems started to appear on the market. This evolution continued throughout the 1990s, when video teleconference systems went from being very expensive, privately held equipment, network requirements and software to technology available to the general public at an affordable cost.

During the 1990s, Internet Protocol (IP) based videoconferencing became a reality and more efficient video compression technologies were developed. That permitted personal computer-based videoconferencing and allowed for the arrival of web cam chat for almost everyone. Free services, webcam software and web plug-ins like NetMeeting, MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and others brought cheap conferencing to the masses.

What makes video conferencing possible is the digital compression of audio and video that streams in real time. With this technology, a person is able to sit at their desk in their own office and have a video conference with another person at their desk in their office, wherever they may be. Sometimes, one office will place a call to another office where a group of people gather to be a part of the conference call. What makes this available to all users is streaming technology.

With the creation of digital technology, videoconferencing became much more widely available. Videoconferencing allows people to do business with more efficiency, saving time and money. No longer do companies need to take on the expense of sending employees out of the office for a meeting when they have the ability to schedule a meeting on site. Cost savings alone created a boon for most businesses. Factor in time lost to travel, and you realize that video web cam conferencing is incredibly worthwhile.

With many more features available, web conferencing has a long list of benefits for the average person. You have the ability to share desktop applications, chat via webcam, exchange documents, execute PowerPoint presentations, share data and collaborate with other co-workers or clients in your building or across the world.

The birth of video webcams has launched businesses into a new age of communication productivity. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) provides high-quality digital audio sound. Internet web conferencing and web cam chat options have created an online audio-visual tool that is far superior to primitive video conference technology. Conferencing solutions and platforms are expanding rapidly and are the future of internet conferencing.

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