What Alternate Methods You Can Use for Obtaining Hotmail Support

What Alternate Methods You Can Use for Obtaining Hotmail Support

Hotmail is one of the leading email account services that are available today. It used to be the leading service provider with the largest base of users for its services, until recently, when Gmail marginally took the lead. The original Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997, after it was initially brought up just a year before. Microsoft saw immense potential in this web services, and till date Hotmail 0has proved that it indeed is an excellent piece of services and the backing of Microsoft has only made it even better.

There are a lot of features that you get to have with a Windows Live Hotmail email account. Some of the most amazing features of it include Skydrive which gives you access to a large storage space over the internet where you could save your documents and files with ease, user friendly and faster interface to read, write and send emails, integration with MS Office, threaded conversation, option to view pictures as well as videos right from your inbox, and more. Then there are several other standard features as well such as integrated MSN messenger, large storage space for your emails, task manager, calendar and many more.

At times, a Hotmail account could prove to be quite complex for you, and there could also be times when you come across some issue with your account. At such a time, the need to have access to some assistance to have them resolved seems quite necessary. People usually want to have access to Hotmail Customer Support phone number to have immediate resolution, but unfortunately there is no such feature provided by Hotmail as of now.

There is an option to initiate Live Chat session with one of their representatives though, and you can do that by visiting Hotmail Support link on Microsoft’s website. There are several support modules available there too, and if you are not able to get live help, or wish to learn about how you can troubleshoot an issue by yourself, you can make use of these “self help” modules to resolve your issue yourself. This method is also timesaving and leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction.

There are some third party Hotmail Customer Support providers as well, in case you just want to have someone on call with you and help you out with your account. These service providers work independently of Microsoft, and employ the best minds in industry who help you out with your issue, and always try to help you with a resolution within the first call itself. There’s a fee for their assistance, but such fee is usually nominal. Many of such companies also have several support packages that are created to give you different levels of support. You could pick any of them depending upon your requirement.

The author is part of an independent Hotmail Customer Support organization that delivers same level of Hotmail Support as Microsoft. He has also written several articles for helping people understand such support services in a better way.
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