What Is Windows Messenger/Windows Live Messenger?


What Is Windows Messenger/Windows Live Messenger?

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system used by millions of users across the world. The ability to establish network connection between any two computers via internet demands the need for instant messaging system. Using instant messaging system, you can send short or long messages to any person you wish as long as they are connected to the common network. The demand for instant communication increases everyday when more and more computers get connected to each other. To satisfy the needs of users that wish to communicate instantly, Microsoft introduced the Windows messenger and the Windows live messenger. Though both the messengers are named similarly, they have significant differences in their features.

Windows Live messenger

The Windows live messenger is the latest version of the instant messaging client from Microsoft. Just like other messenger services like Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger, you can now chat with your friends using the Windows live messenger. To enable communication between two users, they have to stay online. You can sign in into the windows live messenger with your hotmail account.

Any computer which runs on windows XP or above can download and install live messengers and start chatting without any restrictions of any sort. Video chatting has also been enabled in the latest live messenger. This live messenger is termed as the improvised version of the MSN messenger, which provides chatting services. New features like video chat, file sharing services are provided with the windows live messenger. The download is available for free and you can enjoy all new features immediately after you download and install the latest messenger.

Windows messenger

The Windows messenger comes along with the Windows XP. If you have the XP operating system, you can find windows messenger in your computer after you finish operating the system installation. This can be found only with the windows XP and if you have older versions of the Windows operating system, you cannot expect this utility. This messenger differs from live messenger by various features. Application integration is achieved with the use of windows messenger. All the Microsoft applications such as outlook, exchange, remote assistance are integrated with the windows messenger.

Using windows messenger, you can connect to the communications service as well as with Microsoft instant messaging. These services enable instant messaging within a network. You need to have a communications service account to access this messenger. Windows messenger comes with windows XP to enable instant communication within a corporate network without the need to connect to the internet. Using this messenger, you can chat and talk to your friends, who also have their own communications service account.

Do you need both messengers?

You can use the windows messenger as well as the windows live messenger at the same time, if you connect to the internet via a corporate network. However, the windows messenger is of limited use, with the introduction of the windows live messenger. Once you have windows live messenger in your computer, you can chat with any of your friends, who have a hotmail account. Microsoft has announced that it is working on integrating the windows live messenger with the yahoo messenger, enabling hotmail as well as yahoo users to communicate with each other.

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